Putin Condemns Europe for Allowing Migrant Child Rape (Video)

Here in Vladimir Putin’s own words he condemns Western political correctness. Not even he, however, will state the only solution to the “refugee crisis:” Kick them all out.

They cannot assimilate. They will not integrate. They come as conquerers.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Nov 1, 2016

In a truly shocking twist, the Supreme Court of Austria has decided to acquit the Iraqi man, “that may not have realised the 10-year-old Austrian boy did not want to be sexually abused by him.” Amir, 20, was visiting the Theresienbad pool in the Austrian capital of Vienna in December 2015, as part of a trip to encourage integration, when the incident occurred.

Europe – if you can’t stand up for your children, who will? Of course there is the fact that Western Europe has supported the US in their violent destruction of the Middle East over the past 20 years. Is it a guilty conscience that seems to appease the blatant criminal activity on behalf of some newcomers? Or are they Soros puppets implanted into the judicial system that are at work?

Russia is a multicultural and multi-religious society, and has been for 1000 years. The law applies to everyone equally – whether you’re a Crimean Tatar or a Slavic Russian – every Russian citizen is ‘native’ as such and subject to the same protocols.

8 thoughts on “Putin Condemns Europe for Allowing Migrant Child Rape (Video)

  1. “putin and the rest of the kgb aka bolshe-viks (as-ians, negroids, beth-togarmah (Ezek 38-39) raped billions in their infamous-only history. “the leaven of them all is hypocrisy!!!”—Christ (also in Rev 21:8, 14:11, 20:10-15, etc). HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LYING; ALL LIARS ARE CAST IN, FOREVER AND EVER!!!)”

    • We’ve put too much faith in police and courts. They’ve been corrupted. We’s still in denial about that. I’m not in denial because I’ve had my own personal experiences with them. Police and courts are poltical entities that support the (((oligarchy.)))

  2. Just because he says this truth about EU does not mean he’s some white hero. He’s more or less fine on foreign policy, however domestic issues are rarely adressed.

    Just check out the federal law No. 473-FZ created under Putin’s administration and approved December 29, 2014. (undetected by many people because of all the fuss with Ukraine)
    >Allows to rent and exploit up to 60% of Russian territory by foreign citizens for up to 70 years with ability of extention.
    >Allows for complete or partial invalidation of current laws of Russian Federation(RF) in most of the territory(if requested by ‘renters’ ofcourse).
    >Enables foreign citizens to freely extract and transport minerals, hydrocarbons(oil,gas etc.) and other underground resources, as well as wood cutting, fishing and animal hunting – in any quantity, without any compensation.
    >Allows foreign citizens to vote-for and be voted into legislative(representative) positions of local government.
    >Allows use of RF labor code by foreign citizens without quotas and limitations.
    >Allows foreign citizens to ignore parts of RF’s border.
    >Allows foreign citizens to use parts of RF’s legal system relieving them from mandatory payments and federal taxes.
    >Allows use of federal budget to compensate for taxes – unpaid by foreign citizens.
    >Allows for relocation of local citizens if needed.
    >Allows for withdrawal of real estate from Russian population.(in rented territories)

    Needless to say – China loves this shit. And other non-whites too.

    The reason I’m telling this is because of seeing this “Saint Putin” mentality in quite a few western WN communities that seems to stem from lack of information.
    I just want to remind everyone that most of the time enemy of your enemy is a convenience, a partner at best. Not your friend to fanboy about. Friends are found differently.

    • Downloaded here – http://en.smb.gov.ru/support/regulation/473fz/ – and checked (briefly) –
      from December 29, 2014 of No. 473-FZ
      About the territories of advancing social and economic development in the Russian Federation

      Nowhere had I found paragraphs that would correspond to your interpretation!

      The fact is that Putin kicked out Russian AshkeNAZI Oligarchs supported and financed by International AshkeNAZI Banksters with Rothschild on top as they dreamed about taking over Russian vast territories with the largest natural resources on the Earth.

      The whole West had been delighted with drunken Jelzin who drove Russia further in the misery. When Putin took the other way, the West hadn’t been delighted over Russia anymore and particularly not with Putin. If Putin had been drunken asshole as Jelzin, he would have been their best “friend”, and they might even have adopted him.

      When Putin started contemplating with China, Brazil, India and SA about leaving Petro-Dollar it created spasmodic collapses, (similar to Hillary’s), within Banksters ranks, he became the enemy of the galaxy.

      Everybody should understand, Russia cannot be governed in the style of Western Democratic hoax. Russia and Russians NEED a sort of dictator, not tyrant, but still dictator. Ancient Rome functioned better under ruling of emperors like Cesar and lately Octavian for instance.

      Communist Soviet era hindered Russian human potentials, then came Jelzin and Putin had to put all this chaos in an order and he is on the right way. To fulfill such goal Russia needs investments, HUGE INVESTMENTS and here serves to that purpose FEDERAL LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION No. 473-FZ.

      As of friendship, no one sees him as a close friend. He confronted International AshkeNAZI Banksters and Homo-Marxist agenda and he warned on the INFILTRATION madness of worthless sub-human masses from the Third World. That is all what we need from him. Even more, if Western parts of EU would surrender to Islamic dominance, you can bet that millions of Western Europeans would seek refuge in the Eastern Europe and even in the Russia.

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