One Sucker Punch by Hulking Young Black Male Kills Old White Man for Saying “Excuse me”

The blurry photos above show a white man being murdered by a black thug.

Neighbors of the dead man talk openly of either police incompetence or a cover up in the murder of 64 year old Patrick Gorman. The killer is on the loose.

In crowded urban environments it’s impossible to follow the race realist’s advice and “Avoid the groid.”

In all honesty, we’ve reached the point of black on white violence in America, along with the desire of politically correct urban police departments to cover up racially motivated crimes by blacks against whites, Asians, and even Hispanics, that the only avenue I see open to correcting the problem is vigilante action.

New York Post

Police on Wednesday released disturbing surveillance video showing a vicious sucker-punch that led to the death of a 64-year-old man in Queens.

Patrick Gorman was walking near the corner of Queens Boulevard and Main Street in Briarwood when he bumped into the attacker’s girlfriend just after midnight on June 26, cop sources said.

“Excuse me,” Gorman said, before the man belted him in the face, sources said.

The video shows the male suspect punching Gorman, who is seen falling squarely on his back as the duo calmly ambles off.

The victim tries to get back on his feet and then collapses.

Gorman was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he died the next day at about 9 a.m., police said.

The city medical examiner ruled Gorman’s death a homicide last week, said a spokeswoman for the agency.

Gorman died from blunt force trauma to the head with a concussion to the brain and a combination of a stroke and a contributing condition of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, according to the medical examiner.

Gorman’s neighbor John Rynkowski, 47, said that Gorman, a Mets fan, had just returned to his Queens home from Baltimore and Philadelphia for ball games the day of the attack.

“Whenever he had off he would go to baseball games in different cities,” said Rynkowski who works at Citi Field and would often see Gorman there. “He was really nice guy. He loved baseball.”

Rynkowski said that cops should have released the surveillance video of the attack sooner.

“The cops took forever [to release the footage]. They should have released it right away,” he said. “It’s usually a safe area. I was very upset when it happened. Everybody in the building is upset.”

Leon Leone, 67, a resident at Gorman’s Briarwood building also echoed concern about the timing of the release of the video.

“I still don’t understand why it took so long,” said Leone, a member of Briarwood Action Network — the community organization that petitioned cops two years ago to install the security camera that captured the assault.

Leone called Gorman, “a very low key, quiet person. He never bothered anybody, a great neighbor. It’s the good people that go.”

“I just hope that justice will be done,” he added.

32 thoughts on “One Sucker Punch by Hulking Young Black Male Kills Old White Man for Saying “Excuse me”

  1. [image: Image result for people in hell]”on the left, Matt 25:41″ no wonder there are so many billions of blacks in hell, forever & ever!!!

  2. Exactly what the KKK was set up to do. To allow people to walk down the street in safety. The Police can’t/won’t, do it.

    Who does that leave ?

  3. Police took more than four months to release the video. Maybe they wanted the Coon to have an easy get away and no troublesome court trial? Witnesses will have trouble being sure he is the guy after such a long time gap. Modern police can not catch young holy Coons for murder of an unarmed old man, that would be racist!

  4. “Excuse me,” that can mean many things. Back in the bad old days, the slave master used to say “excuse me” right before simultaneously murdering 300 slaves at a whack as they begged for their lives. The slave master said “excuse me” as he was raping slave woman after slave women, for hours on end. “Excuse me”? No good sirs, there is no excusing, none I say!

    • That is simply your deranged imagination running away with your feeble mind. Slaves were very expensive items and in my opinion not worth the money as getting a dollars worth of work out of a negro is neigh on impossible. For an investor to just kill 300 slaves would be financial suicide, do you see the error and stupidity of your attempt to shame whites that had nothing to do with slavery? Number one you were never a slave and number two I was never a slave owner so what are you saying exactly? Oh I get it, you are attempting to justify the murder of an old white man by a young black thug by blaming someone in history that that has nothing to do with society today. Damn you niggers is dumb.

  5. That pavement ape should slowly be kicked to death. one troubling item I noticed was how many jewtube comments in the video were in support of monkey man’s macho valor of suckering an old honky.

    But then a I looked at the channels of those who dress far left and most seem to be of nignogs

    When Hillary gets in office she’ll make everything right, she’ll have all the white people in the world exterminated at the hands of murder monkeys as partial reparations for their suffering

    Of course this reply is lace with the highest sarcasm level

      • A big news day for White people on the internet, but not for those who are watching TV, don’t you think, Saboteur? That’s why jewsmedia must be the FIRST TO GO. It is time for an American media for White Americans. It should have stayed that to begin with, and now we have to recover our territory.

        The first part of that equation is well on the way, as Irish Savant tells us in,
        “The sad death of “hard news”

        “Joyous tidings this week as Reuters announce the layoff of 2,000 staff from their world-wide operations. This follows earlier layoffs of 5,500 in 2013 and further underlines the implosion of the mainstream media brainwashing machine. Readership, advertising revenue and most of all reputation spiral downwards as readers flee to alternative sources.”

  6. There is no real defense against a sucker punch thrown without warning. Stay away from Groids, and as much as possible away from the locations under their control. Stay in your own territory and among your own people, and group together if possible. Take effective action to avoid them and neutralize them if they then come too close.

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