Newest Trump Ad: Corruption

Published on November 1. This video is unlisted, which makes it hard to find on youtube, which like parent Google, is in the tank for Hillary.

It’s interesting that Team Trump allows comments on their videos. My understanding (I haven’t checked for myself) is that Team Hillary disables comments.

Liberals don’t want to hear what they disagree with.

Kudos to Team Trump.

Among many fine comments, I find this one to be of special interest:

Her calling on the USAF to shoot down the Russian AF in a No Fly Zone over Syria proves her total and utter stupidity. She is literally the dumbest woman on Earth. She decimated the USAF, we have zero capability. F-35, upon which all three military Services absolutely depend, is 15 years old without a single functioning operational jet to show for it. Not one. The Russian AF would do away with the USAF in a week or two. Our country is defenseless.

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