Hillary and Democrats Pocketed $1.6 Million in Illegal Straw Donor Scheme

crooked hillary

Yet another example of illegal activities involving Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, including Barack Obama, is making headlines this morning.

The “straw donor” scheme is so easy to understand that even a jury of American idiots would get it.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A Massachusetts law firm has been accused of funneling funds to the Democrats through an massive and illegal straw-donor scheme.

A growing number of party politicians are now returning donations from Thornton Law after it was found that the firm’s partners received bonuses that matched their political donations in what may be one of the largest schemes ever revealed.

An investigation found that partners donated nearly $1.6 million to mostly Democratic committees and candidates, including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, from 2010 through 2014.

During that same period, the lawyers received $1.4 million listed as ‘bonuses,’ including more than 280 in amounts that precisely matched their donations.

Some of them were supposedly reimbursed just 10 days after their money was sent to the party.

The small firm, which has 10 partners, reportedly also made donations to several other top Democrats including President Barack Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Harry Reid, to name a few.

The donation reimbursement program was exposed by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team and the Center for Responsive Politics.

A straw donor scheme is when a donor avoids legal limits on political donations by funneling money into campaigns using other people’s names, and then reimburses donor for their donations.

In this case, the lawyers allegedly used part of the money they were handed over as partners as donations.

They were then reimbursed the funds.

A spokesman for the Thornton Law Firm said its donation reimbursement program was reviewed by outside lawyers and complied with relevant laws.

However, campaign finance experts said it raises numerous red flags because reimbursing people for their political donations is generally illegal.

‘If you give a donation and then somebody else reimburses you for that contribution, that is a clear violation of the spirit and the letter of the law at the state and federal levels,’ Scott Allen, Boston Globe’s Spotlight editor, told CBS News.

‘It was a voluntary program which only involved equity partners and their own personal after-tax money to make donations,’ the spokesman told CBS News in a statement.

Thornton Law Firm’s attorney, Brian Kelly, told the Globe that ‘while we see no need to do so, if individual politicians want to return donations, that certainly is up to them.’

On Monday, Clinton was one of several Democrats to vow that she would return thousands of dollars in donations from the firm, which is reportedly one of the country’s largest political donors.

Instead of giving the money back to the firm, she will return the donations she has received to the US Treasury, a Clinton campaign official told The Boston Globe.

Everyone is denying that they’ve done anything wrong. However, the Mail’s story states that people have gone to jail in straw donor schemes.

Fake Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren, received $129,520 which she’s not returning until the donations are PROVED illegal.

Fauxcahantas in heap big trouble, Kimosabe.

elizabeth warren

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