Six Weeks Ago Paul Joseph Watson Predicted Violence Blamed on Trump (Iowa Police Murders Update)


A mentally ill man with a Trump sign in his yard who also waved the Confederate flag conspicuously two weeks ago has been arrested for the ambush style murders of two Iowa police officers.

Paul Joseph Watson predicted an event like this would be used to tar and feather Donald Trump.

The question is who put Scott Michael Greene up to these acts. Did he have a Hillary campaign staffer as a handler? It’s unlikely he went out and ambushed two police officers on his own, without help from someone.

Daily Kos

Two Des Moines (Iowa) area policemen were tragically gunned down and killed in the early morning hours today in what appear to be two planned ambushes. A suspect taken into custody — Scott Michael Greene — appears to have a long, troubled and violent history.

Greene was recently escorted out of a Urbandale (Iowa) high school football game after he waved a confederate flag, and orally harassed African-American fans at the game. (He posted a video on utube of the incident…) He accused local officers of violating his rights, and of mugging and assault when escorted out of the game.

One of the officers killed was ambushed near Urbandale high school, where it is reported Greene’s daughter is a student.

Greene has a long history of assault, harassment, and legal problems. When arrested he was found wondering out in the country telling someone to call 911 because his ‘chronic medical condition’ was acting up. (the man could be suffering from mental illness; on the other hand he could be thinking up ways to throw up an insanity defense — which is almost universally unsuccessful)

Was he a ‘white supremacist’? Speculation of course, he hasn’t been legally charged as of this writing; there is much to be learned. But a fellow throwing up a confederate flag at black citizens during a high school football game is likely either pretty crazy, or pretty convinced of his righteousness.

More from Heavy

Greene has been arrested numerous times, online court records show.

According to the Des Moines Register, he was convicted of harassment in 2014 after police said he approached a man in the parking lot of his apartment complex, shined a flash light in his eyes and called him the “N-word.” Greene then told the man, “I will kill you, (expletive) kill you,” according to records.

He was sentenced to one year of probation. A probation discharge report filed in June 2015 shows that Greene received a mental health evaluation and “complied with the medication recommendations,” according to the newspaper.

Greene was convicted of interference with official acts in 2014 after resisting officers’ attempts to pat him down for weapons at the same apartment complex, the Des Moines Register reports. According to the police report, the officers wanted to search Greene after noticing a pouch similar to a holster on his belt.

Officer Chris Greenfield wrote that Greene, was “noncompliant, hostile, combative and made furtive movements toward his pockets,” according to the Register.

He was also arrested in 2001 and charged with domestic assault, assault causing bodily injury and fourth-degree criminal mischief. He was also charged in 2010 with driving under the influence. The charges in those cases were all later dismissed, according to court records. Other details about the cases were not immediately available.

Police were recently called to the home of Patricia Greene, Scott’s mother, for a domestic disturbance, and arrested Patricia after her son said she assaulted him, the Associated Press reports.

Expect more crazy things to happen by November 8. I hope a major terror attack isn’t one of them.

3 thoughts on “Six Weeks Ago Paul Joseph Watson Predicted Violence Blamed on Trump (Iowa Police Murders Update)

  1. “Greene received a mental health evaluation and “complied with the medication recommendations,”
    It would be nice to know what drugs he was compelled to take. These drugs may have caused his behaviors rather than prevented them. Or he may have a previous history of abusing legal and especially illegal drugs.
    Millions of US citizens abuse drugs. Some get damaged brains. When they act out, Big Pharma somehow prevents the media telling the truth about what drugs were being taken at the time of the chimpout.

    The media mixes up cause and effect. 99% of murderers have refrigerators. The refrigerator in no way contributed to the crime. Same for a Hillary or Trump signs. Obviously some people with signs will commit serious crimes. The signs do not case the crimes. Especially in this cvase. Hillary hates the polcie. Obama hates the police. So this nutjob erects a Trump sign, then kills two policemen.

    How come this man avoided being shot dead by police? Maybe he is an innocent patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe this troubled man did not shoot anybody. How did he own guns with his past convictions?

  2. No wonder the lake of fire is SO HOT!!! [image: Image result for hillary in hell photos] [image: Image result for hillary in hell photos][image: Image result for hillary in hell photos] [image: Image result for hillary in hell photos]

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