Mudshark Who Cheated on Her Marine Husband with Mystery Meat Fellow Marine was Strangled and Thrown Down a Desert Mine Shaft

christopher lee

Liberals like to claim that having sex outside your marriage is a good thing.

The murder of Erin Corwin by Christopher Lee offers evidence to the contrary.

Erin’s husband Jonathan was a handsome white male, serving in the Marines when fellow Marine Lee murdered his wife, who was pregnant with Lee’s baby.

Erin is prime example of a backstabbing mudshark who cucked her devoted husband while he was serving his country.


The mainstream media will not even mention the fact that scumbag Lee is nonwhite. Judging from his appearance, he’s a Pacific Islander or some other variety of Asian, perhaps Filipino.

Daily Mail

A former Marine shocked a California courtroom Monday when he took back his ‘not guilty’ plea and admitted in court to strangling his 19-year-old victim then throwing her head-first down a mine shaft.

Christopher Lee, 27, was accused in 2014 of killing Erin Corwin, wife of fellow marine Jonathan Corwin, then throwing her body down a 140ft mine shaft. He denied the claim at the time, but now says he needs to own up.

‘I’m no longer scared to tell the truth. People have to know what I did,’ he told San Bernardino County Superior Court Tuesday, according to The Desert Sun.

After his outburst, deputy district attorney Sean Daugherty asked Lee whether he was the person who strangled and killed Corwin. The ex-Marine said ‘Yes I am’.

Lee, his wife and their daughter were neighbors with the Corwins at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms when Erin vanished in June 2014.


Her body was found in a mine shaft in a remote part of the desert near Joshua Tree National Park two months later. Suspicion quickly fell on Lee.

He initially told police he was not responsible for her death, but it later emerged that he had been researching how to dispose of bodies online prior to her disappearance.

Additionally, fired 22-caliber bullet casings and rebar found at the scene were matched to Lee by investigators.

And two weeks before she disappeared, Corwin – who had been having an affair with Lee behind her husband’s back – discovered that she was pregnant.

Officials say that Lee was the father, and it was suggested that he had killed her because he was afraid his wife, Nicole, would take their six-year-old daughter, Liberty, away from him.

Once again a white woman pays the ultimate price for her mudsharking. I can see Biblical justice in her death. She sinned. She paid the price that God inflicts for sin. She just paid it sooner than most.

The death penalty should apply to all mudsharks.

There’s another race traitor in this tragic tale too. That would be Lee’s white wife, who is just another mudshark. My white brothers should avoid this woman. Raising Lee’s stinking brat would be a terrible way for a white man to waste his life and financial resources.

Jonathan Corwin is the real victim in this case. Here’s a good looking young guy who thinks he has a good wife whose physical appearance is a good match with his. Then one day his wife disappears. She’s found dead two months later. And it’s discovered that she had a filthy brown sewer rat Marine as a lover.

Corwin should think about getting himself a service dog. Unless he’s stronger than steel, he needs one. That dog will be more loyal than his woman.

25 thoughts on “Mudshark Who Cheated on Her Marine Husband with Mystery Meat Fellow Marine was Strangled and Thrown Down a Desert Mine Shaft

  1. “jews (devils) will do jewishly (wickedly)”.

    “Only the Righteous can ever be righteous, even for a micro-second.”

    Did someone say “It is (Very) Good” (7 times) in some book?

    Whoa!!! Talk about Parables!!! (lies)

  2. Marine wives are big cheaters. They have a saying: “I trust you with my life, but not with my wife.” This type of thing happens a ton in the military. And outside the military. Ladies, I don’t even know what to say, smh.

    • We should not allow married men in the military since at least 50% of the wives get caught fucking other dudes while the husbands are down range.

      That’s the ones dumb enough to get caught while her husband and his friends are thousands of miles away.

      Who knows how many are fucking other dudes but cover heir tracks better

      • Tons are dude, military wives are the worst. Most just try to marry a military man in order to get a free ride; base housing, guaranteed paycheck for the husband and many just let their kids run around all day while they sit around doing nothing. They are more promiscuous than the women in the military. Military wives are immensely slutty (I know, I know, NAMWALT)

      • I did 24 years; did do a single deployment where 50% of the wives got caught.

        E3 wives, e8 wives, wo3 wives, 03 wives…. 50%. Every damn time.

      • Yeah, 50% is bad, and that’s just the ones that are caught. And they corrupt any new wives that seem ‘nice’ and induct her into their club. Often times they’ll throw themselves at guys with more rank than their husbands. Did you know of any situations that led to attempted murders or serious domestic assault due to this behavior?

      • That 50% are the ones that get caught is what kills me.

        I mean how in the fuck do you get caught when your old man is in Afghanistan? Fact is they don’t care if they get caught so they don’t cover their tracks.

        Move on to the other 50%. How many are sucking off dudes at the club, how many are being true to their vows? …….?…..

      • Right on man. Many that I’ve seen often have that wanton look in their eyes, and also clearly display the ‘low-IQ stare,’ so they don’t trouble themselves to clean up their tracks because it takes a minute or two of effort. It is terrible for unit cohesion as well. Lots of them are into cheating with several men at once too.

  3. When someone commits a bad act what more can they expect but a bad ending? Kind of like putting your hand in a wood chipper and expecting to put it out whole.

  4. That man is hawt. I would not have f%&ked and cucked, but sucked him! hahahahahahhahahahhaha

    Anyway, can we cucked White Bitches in the West doe the same to men who shag and wed Mystery Mamas? How about that Prince Hairy Azzzz and his new Mulatto Mama?

    • “he had been researching how to dispose of bodies online prior to her disappearance.’
      He should not have used his own computer!
      Tinted people are not the sharpest axes in the woodshed.

    • You have a way with words VB, however, while I hesitate to doubt your desire to suck that man dry 10 times over, the women are doing more than the men in this regard. And the men you’ve described are largely doing so due to the behavior of their own women. Factor in that nuance and reanalyze.

      • Sorry but I guess I am clueless. For the past 20 years I worked my ass off, went to school, had kids.

        I just cannot relate to these shennanigans

      • My dear VB, what I typed was that basically, the bad behavior in this regard is more common among the ladies than the gentlemen. Secondly, regarding the men going for “mystery meat,” this can often be due to the terrible behavior of their own said women, thinking that they’ll escape it going after other men’s women (they won’t). Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Good day.

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