Dallas Cops Will Not Release Description of Suspects Who Killed Woman Realtor Trying to Sell iPhone via OfferUp

martha teran

Dallas police need your help in finding the three suspects who brutally shot and killed a Mexican mom, Martha Teran, in front of her daughter.

The only problem is that as of this hour the police will not release a description of the suspects.

Thus, we conclude that it must be those damnable Amish again.

I guess that to the police political correctness is more important than the public safety. Please, Mr. Policeman. When the Amish do bad things, name the Amish!


DALLAS — Police have identified a woman fatally wounded Sunday night in the parking lot of Medieval Times in Dallas.

Authorities say Martha Teran, 42, was shot at about 6 p.m. Teran was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Family tells News 8 Martha Taren’s daughter wanted to sell her iPhone 7 and had used an app called “Offer Up” to find a buyer. Police documents show the people who claimed to be buyers shot and killed Martha Teran during the exchange.

Teran’s family said Monday there were likely three suspects and when they contacted Teran through the app, they initially wanted to meet at another location. She refused and instead met them in the parking lot outside of Medieval Times just off of Interstate 35.

According to the victim’s family, the shooting happened within seconds and Teran’s daughter was a witness. They say there was little-to-no communication before shots were fired.

The suspect or suspects fled the scene after the shooting. Police have not released a suspect or vehicle description.

Friends, colleagues, and neighbors we taken aback by Teran’s shocking murder.

“[She’s a] good person… Very, very good person,” Tomas Cerrato said. “She’s been my neighbor for 14 years.”

Tomas says he just saw her some time ago and he says the family was very pleasant. Teran had been a realtor working with Gilchrist & Company for nearly two years.

“It’s tragic news,” Tom Gilchrist said. “We’re all shocked.”

Gilchrist says Teran worked in commercial and residential real estate.

“She had good people skills, always happy,” Gilchrist said. “Just a smart gal, and eager to please.”

Everyone News 8 spoke with talked also mentioned Teran’s dedication to her kids, including her final act of trying to help her daughter sell a phone.

Dallas police have reached out to the public in their search for a suspect. They ask that anyone who may have information pertaining to the crime call Det. Scott Sayers at 214-671-3647, or email scott.sayers@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us.

You can also call Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS. Crime Stoppers offers awards up to $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and indictment.

Teran’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs. Go here to donate.

9 thoughts on “Dallas Cops Will Not Release Description of Suspects Who Killed Woman Realtor Trying to Sell iPhone via OfferUp

  1. How many Coons does it take to shoot one woman and rob her of one phone?
    Three, heroes.
    Thus this is likely to be a crime committed by young black males. Maybe “teens” who have been oppressed by whites all their lives. So, kill a Mexican for one telephone. (The age of her daughter is not mentioned).
    This victim was a realtor who deals in real things and reality and lots of people. She would know the voice of a Coon when she heard one. She should have told any Coon callers that the phone was sold.
    She should never meet anyone after dark to sell the phone, daytime only. Next, she should have met the three “buyers” inside a bank or even a Mcdonalds. Only meet them where security cameras are installed. Why not in the street outisde a police station, in daytime, or even inside? That would scare away all criminals from any such transaction. Why not her own realty office during her lunch hour?
    Staying alive is relatively easy. Avoid the groid. This woman would be well aware of blacks and would have dealt with them many times – such as evictions, a very dangerous thing to do to a holy black.

    Why did the daughter want to sell an iPhone 7? Not good enough for her? She is too stupid to sell the phone herself?
    To some extent this crime happened because this mother mollycoddled and spoiled her own daughter. Never buy your kids such expensive items because thieves target such valuable commodities. Buy a Samsung or other even cheaper phone.

    Last, cops can trace the location of a phone like this even when the SIM card is removed,. Coons seem unaware of this fact.

    • All good points, Robert. It’s why I periodically trot out the “Avoid the groid” mantra. I believe I saw in the Daily Mail version of the story that the daughter was 19 or so. Mexican women in their mid 30s often have adult daughters. I know this type of Mexican woman well. They are very pleasant to be around. They are always well groomed. They are fleeing the Mexican barrio lifestyle to a large degree. However, they don’t seem to be very racially aware about blacks.

      Meeting inside a bank is a great idea. We need to remember that and spread it around.

      • Out here in LA, police offer “safe” zones with cameras for sale exchanges which are next to police stations. And inside any crowed facility helps, too.

  2. “Teran’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs. Go here to donate.”
    No, do not donate a bean. Not your problem.
    Use the money to buy better locks for your home or buy some extra ammo to blow away any home invaders that bust your door down, or smash your windows for entry. if they do not do this you can not shoot them. So lock all doors and windows at night.
    Maybe install a lighting system where the owner stays in the dark while the Coon invaders are in bright light and easy targets.This will help ensure no loved ones receive a friendly bullet.

  3. Years ago I was watching a murder mystery show where the perps were targeting women realtors who were holding open houses to sell homes. Real estate agents, contractors, etc are targets for do nothing lazy arses who want to maim, rape, kill, etc.

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