Another Clinton “Trump is a Russian puppet” Smear Job Debunked


With Hillary Clinton there’s always a vast conspiracy working against her. She never accepts responsibility for the fact that she’s in deep doo-doo because of her own actions.

In the last week before the November 8 elections, she’s stepping up the Trump-Russia connection, which seems to be a figment of her lying imagination. She claims that Trump and Putin are conspiring to steal the presidency from her, a position that by rights she feels belongs to her and no one else.

Excerpt from The Guardian

A US cybersecurity firm hired by a Russian bank to investigate allegations of a secret line of communication with the Trump Organization said on Tuesday there was no evidence so far of substantive contact, email or financial links.

Mandiant, which is owned by the California-based company FireEye, said it examined internet server logs presented to the bank by media organisations investigating the link.

In a statement, FireEye said it had been presented with a log of the communication between the servers over a period of 90 days, listing the separate contacts.

“The information presented is inconclusive and is not evidence of substantive contact or a direct email or financial link between Alfa Bank and the Trump campaign or Organization,” the statement said. “The list presented does not contain enough information to show that there has been any actual activity opposed to simple DNS lookups, which can come from a variety of sources including anti-spam and other security software.”

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the FBI had spent weeks looking into the Alfa-Trump logs but concluded that “there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts”.

As reported at Breitbart, Hillary’s sale of American uranium to Russia still has not been explained well. Perhaps all her worthless verbiage about Trump’s Russian connection is just her own projecting.

hillary cartoon russia uranium

The $145 million donation by the Russian uranium buyers to the Clinton Foundation reeks worse than a fresh turd from a cow with a bad case of the runs.

4 thoughts on “Another Clinton “Trump is a Russian puppet” Smear Job Debunked

  1. The Clinton Foundation is well named. It does not sound like a charity to me. It provides a foundation so the Clintons can live high on the hog. Private jets and all the other necessary things for retired Presidents.
    Maybe Clinton Slush Fund would be a better name.

    • It’s not quite clear to me, but I think the FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation. One Jew who gave them $50,000 got an ambassadorship to Britain. That sounds too cheap to me. I wonder how much he really gave them. His name was in an early Wikileaks dump, but I can’t remember it.

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