Watch Montage of Hillary Lackeys Try to Blame Russia for Hillary’s Sagging Poll Numbers

Diversion tactics! Blame the Russians.

Published on Nov 1, 2016

The goats are out of the barn.
FOX Business Network put together a montage of crazy Hillary surrogates blaming Putin and KGB for stealing the election from Queen Hillary.

When Hillary starts World War III, they will claim Russia started it. When the economy collapses, Russia did it. When a dirty nuke goes off in an American city, it was Russia.

These pukes are liars and should be treated as such. The corruption exposed by Wikileaks is the real issue, not how Wikileaks got those emails, which probably came from dead DNC staffer Seth Rich.

11 thoughts on “Watch Montage of Hillary Lackeys Try to Blame Russia for Hillary’s Sagging Poll Numbers

  1. satan & all other jews’ only doings, ever: John 10:10

    Soviet Union, not Russia. *Putin’s ancestors and the rest of the vipers, there, genocided off all of the White Peole, there, as they have everywhere else, save, perhaps, Iceland and Canada (?).

    There is no Russia, nor Germany, etc, any longer.

    *Putin was a leader w/in the jews-only kgb.

  2. “Putin and KGB for stealing the election from Queen Hillary.”
    KGB, CIA and Mossad all must be amazed at how weak they are compared to the power of the (((MSM))).
    Spy agencies must always work in the dark.
    The MSM broadcasts in to almost every home in the Western world. Inside is a glass toilet known as the Jew Propaganda Machine or TV for short. Only one or two per cent of people have the strength of character to ditch this toilet and refuse to stare at the shit inside this glass. TV hypnotizes and brainwashes, while pretending to be entertainment. Advertising is just a front and useful to raise a few shekels. The real reason for TV is to direct the public without the use of force. The public is told how to think and most people do take this on board. E,g, abortion is the womans “right” to “choose”. Most men now agree with this, thanks to TV brainwashing over the years. Same for the joy of diversity, skin colour does not mater, Coons are great, and so on.

    • Pulling the plug on TV is the single most important thing a person can do to improve his mental health. It’s an addiction the Jew uses against us. In New Orleans from the beginning the Stern family’s WDSU TV put Jew Terry Flettrich on TV in 1948. She died a decade ago at age 99.

      I had no Jew awareness at that time, but my mother was always criticizing her. I think my parents knew the truth about Jews but wouldn’t talk about it. WDSU was loaded with Jews including Mel Levitt.

      • Stopped watching TV regularly around 1992, no cable etc by the late 90’s or so. By that point my friends had aged out of sports and there wasn’t much point of doing pay per view to watch men I didn’t know fight

        I do have a TV, watch Netflix and dvds on occasions but I haven’t seen commercial TV in longer than I can recall.

        Most intelligence work is screening open sources ie reading newspapers, watching news on the TV etc. It’s pretty dull shit the vast majority of the time.

        The thing for Americans to understand is the state department is basically a rouge intell agency with its own mission set and operations, but none of those are ran by trained intell operatives. Fucked up as a football bat

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