Small Crippled Child Heading to U.S. Supreme Court in Fight Over Service Dog


Oh, boy. Here’s a second post on service dogs in three days.

Man’s best friend is surely creating some problems.

But I have an idea on how to fix it. First, here’s the story.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Michigan girl goes before the U.S. Supreme Court Monday in her fight to have her service dog at school with her.

Ehlena Fry and her parents are suing her Jackson County school district after they refused to let the little girl into class with her service dog.

It’s a case that could impact kids around the country.

The ACLU made a video to show how important Fry’s dog is when her fight began in 2012.

She has cerebral palsy and uses her dog– Wonder– to help with a number of tasks.

Napoleon Community Schools told the 8-year-old that they had human aides to help her, and her dog wasn’t welcome.

ehlena fry and dog

Lower courts ruled against the Frys before the Supreme Court agreed in June to take up the case.

Her family says the school broke ADA rules by denying Ehlena her independence at school and discriminated against her in a public place.

“A lot of people with disabilities that’s very important, you know, to have some sort of control over their life. And so a service animal, even for young children, gives them that constant in their life that they may not have otherwise had. You don’t take your parents to school with you but you can take your serve dog to school with you and that’s a constant safety,” said Stacy Fry, Ehlena’s mother.

The ACLU says the ruling, which will most likely come next year, could impact students with disabilities across the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court hearing is at 10:00 a.m. Monday. dog

There are two issues here. The first arises from the observation that the parents of little Ehlena are white and she’s not.

Was she adopted from some third world country? Did the adults know she was a cripple? It turns out that she was adopted from an orphanage in Calcutta, India. I suspect they knew she was diseased.

There’s some real issues here that we’ve discussed on this site many times before: White couples should NEVER adopt nonwhite children. There are plenty of needy white children in this country where whites are going extinct. Adopt or foster one of them if you’re white. Let nonwhite couples adopt nonwhite children into their own communities.

Additionally, to bring a nonwhite kid into your country to soak up scarce medical resources is just unconscionable. Sick and diseased American children are getting f*cked by the do-gooder Fry adults.

The second issue is the damnable doctrine that do-gooders can use the government to impose on the rest of us.

Every regular reader knows how much I love dogs and other animals. I am pro-dog. Every child should have a dog and every dog should have a loving home. I have a record of featuring and fighting against animal cruelty.

However, there should be no one size fits all policy in regard to service dogs. In this case, the school, concerned about the other children and their safety and educational needs, has ruled against Wonder being with Elhena all day.

Local officials should be allowed to make these decisions. The Supreme Court has no business hearing this case.

I have a feeling that the Court is going to rule that service dogs MUST be allowed into schools. That will encourage every kid with a dog to claim rights under the law to bring their dogs to school.

The schools are chaotic enough with Washington’s one size fits all policies like common core that have taken control of education away from local officials and put it in the hands of distant bureaucrats.

If the Frys disagree with local officials, then let them work to elect new officials who will allow Wonder to attend class.

What I am proposing was common sense and law until liberals took control of the courts and wrested power away from local people who know their particular circumstances better than a distant bureaucrat.

natioanl states rights party thunderbolt flag

The flag above is the flag of the National States Rights party. States rights have been quashed, but people are ever more disgusted with the oligarchs and elites who control us from the comfort of their plush abodes in exclusive areas. We need more state’s rights and local control.

Our current federal tyranny is symbolized by a crippled kid and a nice looking dog. Good luck to both of them, but not at the expense of the rights of other kids to enjoy a dog free zone if that’s what their parents want, as expressed by LOCAL officials.

There’s more background on this story at the ACLU, which is pushing for Wonder to be in the classroom. There are also more pictures of Wonder, who by the way is a Goldendoodle.

22 thoughts on “Small Crippled Child Heading to U.S. Supreme Court in Fight Over Service Dog

  1. Whites need to adopt Whites….It makes me so sick how they will pass our people to adopt someone for a third world hell hole…That’s how those people live and it will never change. Like that conservative cuck family in Tennessee who adopted 8 nigs. Makes me sick!

  2. Have you ever tried to adopt or foster White kids in the usa? Talk about a unicorn hunt.

    Which is not to say I agree with adopting non Whites. India needs to fix India etc but the reality is there aren’t a surplus of White kids in the usa.

    My limited understanding of the law is, the school is correct. They made a reasonable accommodation by providing staff members to help and their duties were lawfully discharged at that point.

    There are a host of legal reasons your service dog can be denied entry, most common is based on the behavior of the dog but dog dander allergies seem to be rather common with kids. Dollar to donuts that was part of the schools decsion.

    And like you, I have a history of helping dogs and dog owners. It’s not about the dog. I see this as another version of hippies having a hissy fit because some solution to their difficulties isn’t perfect.

  3. The solution to adopting white ‘unicorns’ may I suggest is:
    Sponsor a white family in Appalatchia,southern Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi delta and make regular…very regular visits. Become God parents..”grand parents” go to a part of that family…a contributing part. Be that influence the Jewish courts do not want to dignify with “adoption” permission.. adopt them anyway by your petsistant presence.

  4. Big brother in the good sense. Find a family in Poor white America and be the big brother/ sister and godfather..adopt white children this way.

      • The life of destitute white children in West Virginia and other parts of Appalachia is appalling, shameful and exposes The sham of “overseas missions” to feed useless mudskins. The anger and contempt I feel for country music ‘queen’ Dolly Parton is difficult to express as it pushes the borders of earthly definition.( I suspect Angels on high have a contemptible word but have not confided it to me)
        She has camera crews present as she stands on the back of a train’s caboose throwing handful of candy to poor Appalachian children at Christmas time.
        I have personally seen white children run bsrefooted in winter to grab a bucket of coal to burn for heat. I once watched a mother struggling with a decision to buy a small package of chicken thighs or a package of chicken wings. I felt her inner strength as she acted brave sensing my presence. Her two boys, about 10 and 8 and little girl of 7ish stood quietly by accustomed to this ritual.I handed the mother a $20.00 and said “get them both, why Don che?” Using my best Appalachian accent. I saw her bow up (tense up proudly) to resist and quickly added. ” it’s fer th’ yungens’ I said firmly, then I looked at the children and said , yuns kin eat two pokes a chicken cancha ? They smiled broad and said loudly, yeah!
        On the next isle, I was approached by the. Ten year old who asked me if he could “borry” $5.00. Interested to see what he would do, I gave him a five and secretly followed him.
        He went and grabbed a card of hair bretts and a box of cheap chocolates and ‘bowed up’ at the counter to pay. He then took the hair bretts to his little sister and the chocolates to his Mother, saying something I could not hear, but his Mother looked around and after spotting me, handed the box back saying “yuns have some first.”
        In Appalachia, “yuns” you-uns is used as ya’ll or you all.
        I never think of that day without wishing I had emptied my wallet that day..though I dang near come close to it.:)

  5. ” let the little girl into class with her service dog.”
    This is a Coon from India who is crippled. “Differently Abled”. She never should have been allowed in to the USA. if allowed in at all, these new parents should pay 100% of the medical and support costs such as the human carers at school who could otherwise be doing something useful like making products for export.
    This crip is costing the USA taxpayer literally millions of dollars, tens of millions over her lifetime. She is creating, all by herself, several full time bullshit jobs in “make work” do god categories.
    The dog in the class room will be unbelievably distracting to the other kids. Imagine the same dog in the library and other rooms. What about in a University lecture? Where will it all end? Take the dog in when seeing the dentist for example?

    Why is the Jewish ACLU and Jewish Supreme Court all in favour of helping one foreign black person while harming hundreds of other normal healthy people born in the USA, whole class rooms full at a time?

    Turd World children with health issues should never be allowed to be adopted to a Western country. There are hundreds of millions of healthy ones available, why not take the best???? What if this girl has her own baby one day, due perhaps to being raped by a carer? Her baby will probably have a similar genetic disorder. She will never be sterilized because that would be politically incorrect these days.

    • Agree 100 percent, Robert. More to the point now that the little turdlette is here, why the Hell are the whites in that town donating money to the girl? Fuck them. They should be shunning and shaming the Fry couple, who are dumb as the turds shit by the service dog. Stupid white people need to be sterilized and stopped from adopting anything but a white kid.

  6. I know a physical therapist who adopted a Chinese kid because it was much cheaper and took less time than getting a White child in the US. Also, she and her husband were so disgusted at the constant checking on them, stopping in unexpectedly that went on 2 years, still no child. Every little thing, she said was unacceptable to child services, whatever they call them. They fixed this and that, then they found something else to complain about. Sounds like they don’t White kids adopted, except probably to an unqualified black family. Blacks don’t want White children.

    I agree with you Paladin.

    I’d find a White surrogate who needs the money, but don’t know if the same child services rules apply. Probably, do.

  7. Enough with the service dog nonsense. No one NEEDS a freaking dog on a plane, in a school or pretty anywhere but the open range. They’re a nice-to-have pet.

      • Like me πŸ˜‰

        I find it more disturbing we allow non Whites on planes, into schools, stores and restaurants then dogs.

        The nation is broken, the system is corrupt. I break or bend the “law” where ever I can. In this case I will continue to play the system and take my dog with me for as long as negros are “integrated”.

      • Any the diversity are especially concerned about Pit Bulls

        I would take my Presa with me but she isn’t there yet. And likely never will be but she was rescued from negros and hates them with a passion

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