Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Paleoconservative Monarchist William S. Lind

Check out William S. Lind’s belief system. It may overlap with yours.


William S. Lind (born July 9, 1947) is an American monarchist, paleoconservative, columnist, Christian, and a light rail enthusiast.[1][2][3] He’s the author of several books and one of the first proponents of the Fourth-generation warfare theory. More recently Lind has advocated for police to have RPGs as standard issue, and for a return to death by hanging as a common sentence for crime in ‘urban areas’.[4][5] Lind is a key proponent of the “Cultural Marxism” conspiracy theory, he asserts that Marxists control much of modern popular media, and that Political correctness can be directly attributed to Karl Marx.[6][7] Lind also wrote Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War, in which a group of Christian Marines leads an armed rebellion against political correctness within the American government.[8] He revealed using the pseudonym Thomas Hobbes in a column for The American Conservative.[9][10]

He advocates a Declaration of Cultural Independence by cultural conservatives in the United States, in the belief that the federal government ceased to represent their interests and began to coerce them into negative behavior and affect their culture in a negative fashion. The center believes that American culture and its institutions are headed for a collapse and that cultural Conservatives should separate themselves from the calamity that it foresees. It supports setting up independent parallel institutions with a right to secession and a highly decentralized nature that would rely on individual responsibility and discipline to remain intact, but would prevent the takeover of the institutions by those hostile to cultural conservatism’s ideals. [15][16]

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Paleoconservative Monarchist William S. Lind

  1. I like his quote and it is true. No group can survive when the leaders are actively working to destroy the group, such as almost all white leaders and elites nowadays. Individuals will survive and may form a new group. Or the tribal/group may go extinct. This must have happened millions of times in the worlds history with many species and groupings. There must have been an occasional psychopath who took over a tribe and led them to death, such as bad navigation in waterless areas, or starting a war against a strong enemy.
    Hitler fits the category of someone who intends to destroy his own side rather than the enemy.
    It is hard to destroy enemies, they are wary and ready to fight. But it is easy to destroy friends, family and allies, they are trusting and ripe for destruction.

  2. Good points, Robert. What ails our White people today, however, is a tribe of psychopaths which either undermine or pay-off those who should be our leadership class, and a public (including those who are labeled as “Conservative”) which are too beguiled to understand that is the case.

    One good, broad ranging analysis of our decline as a conscious White people and the new rise of the old jew treachery which works actively to destroy our culture and our race.

    “The search for an edge caused white nations to lose sight of what got them to where they were – their genetic endowment, the order which issues from it, and the resultant culture. Since they now had to win at all costs against fellow Whites every little bit helped. Within most white nations were a particular people with well known talents in certain areas: very well motivated, cunning, eloquent, and powerful. Over the centuries this nation within nations honed the skills necessary for their survival in areas deemed inappropriate, immoral, and/or illegal for Whites. Since earlier white rulers saw the danger of this nation, they segregated them into certain areas and limited them to certain activities. In spite of or because of this they got stronger. By the start of the century they dominated the international trade in money (banking) as well as information dissemination (the media). This group has both thrived within and despised its hosts at the same time. The earlier wisdom of our leaders in keeping them on a very short leash was about to be abandoned.”
    “The USA became Israel’s chief benefactor, inheriting the mantle from the UK (since she was spent fighting for Jewry in two world wars), after WWII, and the Soviets naturally aligned with Israel’s foes. With Jews becoming more effective at making the USA a new Weimar Republic and the Soviets aligning with the Arabs the Jews told Stalin to take a hike. Not surprisingly Stalin didn’t like this too much so the Soviet Union started to do things that were ‘anti-semitic’; such as removing the death penalty for anti-semitism. Oh the horrors. But in ‘winning’ this latest round of bidding, the American political process was ruined, for when many of the Jews, like Irving Kristol, turned from Stalin they all of a sudden became ‘conservatives’ – neo-conservative that is. Jews had long been dominant in the USA’s ‘leftist’ political party, the Democrats, (being darlings since at least Wilson and forward) and now they started the takeover of the ‘rightist’ party, the Republicans. In the span of a generation they turned both political parties into anti-white organizations….”.

    • The best thing Stalin ever did was to give Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) an ice pick to the head. He died in agony over several days. Best of all, a friend of Trotsky was the killer. Most appropriate that Trotsky should die at the hand of a sneak and a traitor.
      Just a pity that Stalin himself did not get an ice pick to the head.
      Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky were probably all murdered which is a nice thought.

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