Hillary Has Planned a GIANT Victory Celebration for November 8


Early voting, illegals voting, dead people voting, Soros voting machines in 16 states. Hillary clearly believes that victory is hers and cannot be stolen from her by mere trivialities like her crimes.

New York Post

This could blow up in her face!

Hillary Clinton may have lit the fuse for her victory celebration a little too soon — by planning an Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River, The Post has learned.

Law-enforcement officials and the FDNY have been told to prepare for a barge-launched pyrotechnic display off of Manhattan’s Javits Center, where Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters for the Nov. 8 vote count, sources said.

The aerial detonations would last for two minutes, with the triumphal celebration permitted to start as early as 9:30 p.m. — a mere half-hour after the polls close in New York, sources said.

But the Democratic presidential nominee’s blueprint for lighting up the sky was sketched out before last week’s revelation that the FBI had revived its probe of her private server scandal.

That move followed the discovery of a huge cache of emails top aide Huma Abedin left on a laptop computer her now-estranged hubby, Anthony Weiner, may have used to sext with an underage girl in North Carolina.

Republican rival Donald Trump has since surged in the polls, with the Real Clear Politics National Average showing him trailing by just 2.5 percentage points on Monday.

The FDNY memo ordering its Marine 1 company to provide stand-by protection for the fireworks show was sent out Friday — the same day FBI Director James Comey alerted
Congress that agents would check to see if the new emails contained any classified information.

The memo, obtained by The Post, also reveals that Clinton’s campaign hired Garden State Fireworks to put on the show — an ironic choice, as its resume includes the grand opening of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.

Cops and firefighters were blown away by Clinton’s hubris in planning the fireworks display, which would eclipse the shower of blazing sparkles that preceded the balloon drop at July’s Democratic National Convention.

“It’s a little presumptuous of her to plan on winning. I guess she put in for this before Friday,” one NYPD detective said.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Has Planned a GIANT Victory Celebration for November 8

  1. hellary and all of the rest of the lawless (illegals) in Our America (300 or more million; 8 billion universe-wide):

  2. Mmmmm…could be a planned cover for something else…and whatever happens, it will be Russia or Trumps evil doings you can bet…

    but its probably a safe bet ; satans own right hand man -soros – has already said that he was going to make sure killary was installed.

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