Dickileaks: Cocktail Party Chatter in DC Looks Bad for Hillary

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A Washington, D.C. insider relates 14 concise points relating to Hillary Clinton’s ongoing corruption problems.

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Vanity Update From Washington DC Social Scene Tonight. (Hillary FUBAR)
Posted on 10/30/2016, 9:16:35 PM by Strac6

Attended a party tonight to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of my old law firm in DC.

Hillary and the FBI dominated conversations.

Reactions were priceless. 2 or 3 couples would be standing there, drinks in hand, and someone else would approach the group. Conversation would stop; people would stare at each other; eyebrows would be raised; and then someone would say something along the line of “Holy c**p! Wouda taught!”

A few generally agreed-upon conclusions of the plurality of still sober attendees.

1. No one saw this coming. There were no leaks. That is an indication of how serious the career FBI types saw this.

2. Between Huma, Wiener and Hillary, someone is going to be talking to the feds ASAP, playing “Let’s Make A Deal!”

3. Jail for somebody is definitely not out of the question.

4. It was fully expected that Obama would do a post-election pardon for Hillary and her coven. Will he now refuse to do so on grounds such a pardon would tarnish HIS image/legacy?

5. Watch Obama for a few days. Does he still do campaign appearances for her?

6. One attendee’s sister works at DNC. Question among some DNC types in phone calls this morning reportedly was, “Is it too lake to get Joe (Biden) on the ticket?” (Answer: absolutely way too late, legally, practically and politically.)

7. When Doug Schoen jumps ship, it’s all over for a Dem.

8. Who will be the first MSM type to do a “How could we have been so deceived?” (No, they will not blame themselves.)

9. A few young (usually fat and overweight) waitresses were close to tears.

10. “The public River of Tears for Hillary is so shallow mourners would not get their ankles wet.” (That from a former partner/ retired Fed Judge.)

11. Will someone now break the Hillary health story wide open?

12. Is CGI foundation kaput? Who is going to give it money now? Will fired employees talk to media?

13. Bill’s next speaking gig will be to the Harlem Breakfast Rotary… for $100 and all the pancakes he can eat.

14. Will a new DOJ commence a civil action to recover CGI funds?

The comment that “Wikileaks” has been replaced by “Dickyleaks” was greeted with great laughter. All in all, it was a very fun night!

Only a psychopath could still get up in front of (small) crowds and proclaim herself to be for the people. Any normal person would be too embarrassed to get up and preach her talking points the way Hillary does, all the while straying back to the “It’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy” nonsense.

Dickileaks-how-dick-pics-saved-Western-Civ weiner anthony

5 thoughts on “Dickileaks: Cocktail Party Chatter in DC Looks Bad for Hillary

  1. “Only a psychopath could still get up in front of (small) crowds and proclaim herself to be for the people.”

    Agree 100%. This woman feels no shame. She’s been likened to a modern day Jezebel and it looks like she’s about to be thrown to the dogs.

  2. To think that that Jew perv could have been mayor of New York, one of the most powerful cities in the world. London, New York., That ends the list, there are only two such cities, both dominated by Jew money power. Here is the selection process for NY mayor…..
    “i want to be mayor of New York”.
    “Are you a Jew”,
    “OK., you’re in”.

    • Before Wiener screwed up his campaign for mayor, there was a photo of him in the Puerto Rican Day parade marching by himself with a little Puerto Rico flag clasped in each fist and a look of frantic desperation on his face like he just watched the last lifeboat leaving the Titanic. This unhinged nut case really shouldn’t be out in public without a leash and a muzzle.

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