Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is Threatening FBI Director with Termination for Reopening Hillary Email Investigation

The letter as you see it is genuine. You can read it at Harry Reid’s Senate website if you like.

You can read the story at the Huffington Post, which unlike the New York Times and Washington Post has no paywall.

U.S. Legal explains that removal from the job is the maximum penalty for violating the Hatch Act.

The big news here–the bombshell if you will–is Reid’s claim that Trump is tied in with Russia. Haven’t we heard that before?

Uh, yes, we have!

So, Harry, tell us what that explosive information is about Trump’s ties to Russia since you seem to know so much.

CBS News plays this story straight, noting that Comey had promised Congress to keep it informed of any new information that might pertain to the Clinton email scandal.

No one in the mainstream media is bringing up Democrats praise for Comey when he recommended in July that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted. But we can remember it and note the hypocrisy in Reid’s letter.

6 thoughts on “Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is Threatening FBI Director with Termination for Reopening Hillary Email Investigation

  1. This is what one site had to say about the organized efforts to attack Comey. I know that you and I and most Americans share the view.

    “This is what Hillary was working on today. They of course leave out and media refuses to put in that Comey had an obligation to update his testimony to Congress. Hillary is coming dangerously close to another crime, that is attempting to obstruct an investigation and intimidate the investigator.”

    • Haha. I saw that on weasel zippers and decided to add that site to the blogroll earlier. And yes, Hillary is playing a dangerous game, but she has to appear all outraged to reassure her followers of her “innocence.” Somewhere deep down, even they must know she’s crooked as a snake.

  2. The cilntons have a successful track record of obstructing justices and getting away with from a legal stand point so I reckon they feel pretty good about their odds of staying out of jail even if it cost them the election

    • They’ve been getting away with murder for 30 to 40 years now. But there will hopefull be a new sheriff in town in the person of Donald Trump who is going to clean up Dodge. Welcome to the OK Corral.

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