Obese Latina Left with Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss


You may want to avert your eyes as you scroll through or past this post. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

You have been warned!

Daily Mail

A slimmer is raising money to have her excess skin removed after extreme weight loss left her with a ‘body of a 90-year-old’.

Dionne Gomez, 28, from Chicago was left with loose skin that causes rashes on her body after dropping 130lbs (9st 4lbs) after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

‘They did warn that excess skin was a possible but I thought that at my age my skin would just bounce back,’ she said.

‘I have it all around my body, from my neck down – it looks like a 90 year old’s body.

‘There’s a lot of sagging skin on my breast you can pull. I am still learning this new body.’

saggy skin breasts

Pull on her breast, she says? Thanks, but no thanks. I think most fellas would rather not pull on anything that’s a part of this lady’s body, which SHE described as that of a 90 year old.

Dionne used to embrace her curves until last year she realised her 300lbs (21st 6lbs) frame was affecting her health.

When she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and sleep apnoea in 2015, Dionne decided to get a vertical sleeve gastrectomy after other weight loss attempts failed.

Mexican men like those “curves” and every one of those 300 pounds. Maybe this lady had started looking for a white boyfriend? It’s just a speculation.

The lady looks quite fetching in a dress. I do have to note that many nonwhite women seem to want to be blondes, however. Her hair color does match her bronze skin tone though.


Now, brace yourself for a couple of “after” pictures showing that loose skin that milady is complaining about.




There are several other pictures of Gomez at the linked story. She looks quite shapely and attractive in clothing. However, her saggy skin pictures reveal what clothing conceals.

So, at the risk of sounding like a vulgarian, I’ll simply say that you don’t really know a lady until you’ve seen her without makeup and without clothing.

Maybe a first date to a nude beach would help both parties decide whether the relationship was going anywhere.

One more thing. She’s got the money for fancy clothes, manicures, makeup, hair styling, and tattoos. But the story goes on to tell us that she wants someone to pay for her skin surgeries.

Maybe she could cut back on the luxuries and save her money to pay for it herself. It’s certainly not our obligation as taxpayers to pretty her up.

10 thoughts on “Obese Latina Left with Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss

  1. Unfortunately, this is a side-effect of a morbidly obese person losing a lot of weight quickly. It almost makes losing weight counter-productive. Plastic surgery can remove some of that.

    • She wants money for the plastic surgery, I believe. Maybe she can find a rich Latino drug lord (just kidding) to finance her surgery. I assume that most men do not find that type of fatty rolls attractive.

      • Latinas do not age as well I have noticed with regards to weight gain, Neither do black women.

        People dis white women at the Stormer, but middle and upper middle class white women age well with kids and look pretty good in a number of cases.

        I am no slouch either ahahahahahahahahahaah

  2. Ugly (((Anthony Weiner))) the perv, pedo, cad, spy, blackmailer, has loose skin on his face which looks odd. Has he had a crash diet?

  3. Make up and wrapped clothing do alot. She will probably look better in a couple of years.

    Having dropped weight after kids myself I can say that loose skin takes a little time, but it does go back.

    Trust and believe there are similar phenoms with men. They look great with clothes as this lady does and then !bam! yeah buddy. Overgrown bush that needs trimming, guts etc.

    It is what it is. Give her some credit for having the guts “to be out there with her shyte”. I say good on her.

  4. She should wait and collect/save money. How long can she control her gut/brain and keep the lard off? These darks have little self control, and this is a ‘she’, so even less. This would be her last chance at fat control, which means emotion awareness and never turning to comfort foods. She obviously failed, and will no doubt, yearn for the Care-Less days; just a little nibble here, maybe 1/2 a box as compensation for not eating the whole cake. The 12 month test. 3 years and not fat = very rare.
    Not the least, good for her; and it can be done. Dump her ‘friends’.

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