Not Pretty! Leaked Footage Shows Huma and Weiner Together When Sexting Scandal Broke

This video offers a fascinating look at the interaction between the woman who was going to be your Secretary of State and her so-called husband.

There’s no way that this marriage is real, but Huma’s pouting and barely concealed anger is. Watch the short video and see for yourself.

Published on Aug 23, 2016

[LEAKED] Footage from campaign office of Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner when news of his sexting scandal first broke. How does she react after finding out her significant other had been sexting behind her back with 22 yr. olds? She asks “what’s your press statement going to be?” with zero emotion.

Original footage found in Weiner the documentary.

4 thoughts on “Not Pretty! Leaked Footage Shows Huma and Weiner Together When Sexting Scandal Broke

  1. Weird video. Why did Weinberg not stop the filming way earlier? It was like watching a creepy episode of “Friends” where all the funny people are left out and only the unfunny Jewish guy and the crazy female are left.
    Weiner and Huma are black as buggery. They look like Turd Worlders.
    Weinstein puts his feet in shoes on to the edge of the desk on the other worker, very rude body language in my opinion. I would not tolerate this from anybody.
    He is constantly slouching back in his chair like some tough taciturn guy from a Film Noir.
    He has all the hubris of the guilty Jew. No guilt or shame whatsoever. He seems to be enjoying the attention.

    • He called himself Carlos Danger in his Internet sex trysts. That’s pretty cool, I suppose. Actually, I used to like the guy when he would come on TV with Bill O’Reilly. He was a very effective spokesman for liberal causes. I didn’t agree with his positions, but he was clearly very smart and effective in his role.

      You may be amused to learn that in those days I thought he was Italian. There are a lot of Italians in NYC. I wasn’t alerted to Jews in those days.

      If he has something that can put the Clintons in prison, then he may be counting on the Jews to preserve his safety and keep him out of jail.

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