#NeverTrump Forces Ratcheting Up Calls to Fire Comey Over Friday’s Letter to Congress


Daily News Title:

FBI mad bomber James Comey needs to resign

Six foot eight inch tall FBI Director James Comey may need that height to keep his head above the fray that’s brewing in Washington among Democrats.

The push to force Comey to resign or be fired is gathering steam. You know in your heart that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team is behind this move.

Which is ironic because in July when Comey delivered his message that no prosecutor would indict Hillary Clinton in spite of her reckless security lapses, Democrats were eager to praise Comey and move on.

The falsehoods in this opinion piece are easy to expose, which I do after the op-ed.

New York Daily News

FBI Director James Comey’s democracy-bending decision to inform America, 11 days before its presidential election, that the bureau is digging into a trove of additional emails demands the highest condemnation. And he must resign.

President Obama must order Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take the case out of Comey’s hands and to fully report the facts as they are known.

Without any base of knowledge, Comey let loose combustible information that could improperly and groundlessly decide the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Comey has betrayed both the country and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In secrecy that is necessary to protect the innocent, the FBI searches for evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

The agency goes public only in court, only in conjunction with Department of Justice prosecutors who judge the bureau’s evidence strong enough to file charges.

Never does the FBI announce the discovery of material that may or may not be evidence. Comey’s breach of standards is all the more egregious because he has already said that “no reasonable prosecutor” could charge Clinton with national security crimes based on her mishandling of email communications.

It defies belief that the newly discovered emails will justify prosecution.

Even worse, Comey still has no idea what they contain. Little wonder senior Justice Department officials strongly objected to the director informing Congress at the time and in the manner he did, pointing to policies that bar the agency from meddling in elections and talking about current criminal investigations.

There are apparently some 650,000 emails in question, and no chance in hell the bureau can bring clarity on them before Nov. 8.

FBI agents found them in early October, on a computer connected to the investigation of former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sexting. Yet for nearly a month, they kicked around the implications and sucked thumbs on getting a warrant before finally bringing the issue to the top boss, who then, despite massive lingering uncertainty about what it all might mean, madly detonated his bomb Friday.

In fact, at the time of the Comey letter, the Justice Department and the FBI had yet even to obtain permission from a judge to search the emails in question. That warrant is finally now in hand.

The agency still has no clue how many of those are duplicates of emails they’ve already seen. Could be every last one.

Comey, in his Friday letter, communicated none of this. He even admitted that the finding might be insignificant — while going ahead with the earth-shattering move of informing the world of it. The director’s internal letter to his agency, which surfaced later Friday, made matters worse, admitting “we (at the FBI) don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations” and “there is significant risk of being misunderstood.”

You think?

Fully aware of how little he knows and of how much damage he was doing, the FBI director unconscionably personified a weapon of national mass destruction.

The New York Daily News is a propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign. This op-ed could easily have been written by a Clinton operative.

The false premise upon which this editorial is based lies in the fact that the FBI informed CONGRESS of the reopening of an investigation that Congress was a part of. Comey’s duty was/is to Congress (and America), not to Hillary Clinton. He owes her nothing, just as the FBI owes Donald Trump nothing. But Trump has not been under investigation. Hillary has.

A fair editiorial might call for the FBI to expedite it’s investigation while blaming the person at fault for the American public’s lack of trust in Hillary Clinton.

That person would of course be Hillary Clinton. Her own sleazy greed has done her in. Again.

Boo hoo!

smilelaugh tears of joy

And more evidence that the strategy is to get Comey’s head on a post.

The left is also spewing the falsehood that Comey violated the Hatch Act. I have a post further down the homepage explaining the Hatch Act nonsense, which was raised by Senator Harry Reid, a Democrat.

14 thoughts on “#NeverTrump Forces Ratcheting Up Calls to Fire Comey Over Friday’s Letter to Congress

  1. “Daily News Title:

    FBI mad bomber James Comey needs to resign”

    New York newspaper attacks Comey in this way. Comey should double down and reopen the 911 investigation, while he still has some authority. There is no way that 15 years would be enough to disqualify any further investigation/prosecution of 3,000 murders.

    The FBI may, and probably would, find that the NY Daily News was part of the conspiracy and cover up of 911. The US media is “guilty as hell” in 911 and was heavily involved before, during the crime and during the cover up. The media is guilty of mass murder.

    Consider that 9 a.m. is a very quiet time for journalists and normally most of them would be asleep. On that day of 911 I will bet that most of them were awake and had been tipped off something big was happening. It may be that news crews and cameras were concentrated near the twin towers before the attack – more than usual for such a day I mean. They did not catch the first plane but the dancing Israelis did, and one or two other flimers.

    • I wonder how much Donald Trump really knows about 9/11. He’s the only public figure besides (((Roseanne Barr))) that I can recall challenging the official story. But Trump may try to pin it on the Saudis.

  2. It’s rather amusing to me how most popular media sources seem to have only (((one mind))) instead of different points of view.

  3. The British tv news is now showing us how popular Trump is and how well he is doing. Only last week they were showing us poll after poll showing Hillary ahead of Trump.

    They’ve guessed she has lost and don’t want the people to catch on that the whole thing was rigged to get her elected,

    • Interesting. Thanks for your on-the-ground report from Britain. Your explanation of the flip flop makes sense. However, the voting machines are rigged here. Thus, she may “win” after all.

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