Double Murder Suspect Michael Vance Shot Dead by Oklahoma Police After 7 Days on the Run

michael vance

If I recall properly, the comments on the Michael Vance post a week ago when his crime spree began indicated that we hoped he’d be killed by police and not hurt anyone else.

We got part of our wish. Vance is dead, but not before he injured a sheriff.

I’ll reiterate that Vance appears to be mixed race. Since he’s from Oklahoma, perhaps he’s part American Indian. If so, he should have stayed on the reservation.


Shooting and murder suspect Michael Vance Jr. has been killed in western Oklahoma, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said late Sunday.

The Dewey County Sheriff was shot in an exchange of gunfire with Vance. His injuries are not life threatening, Whetsel said.

U.S. Marshalls spokesman Dave Turk said a Dewey County sheriff’s deputy pulled Vance over about 9:30 p.m.

Vance, 38, was wanted in connection with the wounding of two Wellston police officers and the deaths of two relatives one week ago.

After being pulled over in Dewey County, Vance and the sheriff’s deputy exchanged gunfire, Turk said. Vance shot the sheriff’s deputy in the elbow and shoulder, Turk said.

There have been conflicting reports about who was wounded in the shoot-out.

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said it was the Dewey County Sheriff, Clay Sander, who had been shot.

Before a reported sighting Saturday night, Vance was last seen fleeing from a truck stop in Sayre about 2:30 a.m. Monday in a stolen gray or silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Turk said tips about Vance’s wherabouts intensified before the encounter with the sheriff’s office.

Vance fled after the shooting Turk was not immediately certain if he took off by car or on foot but said a pursuit with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol lasted about 30 minutes.

Vance died in an exchange of gunfire with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper. The trooper was not injured.

Oklahoma folks can rest easy now that this bad one has been culled from the herd. Many thanks go out to all the police and the citizens who assisted them by providing tips on his whereabouts.

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9 thoughts on “Double Murder Suspect Michael Vance Shot Dead by Oklahoma Police After 7 Days on the Run

  1. He’s probably not mixed race. He is nasty white trash and needs to be put down with extreme prejudice. He is now out of our gene pool.

  2. Good morning PJ from the mountains of Maine where there is literally frost on the pumpkin ~ befitting Halloween.
    It was the Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander that was shot in shoulder and arm when he pulled Vance over last night. He is in surgery this morning and expected to make a full recovery. I just received the wanted poster from OK and Vance was listed as “Indian Male”. My friend from OK said go to this page then check out photo gallery. I haven’t had a chance to yet as just received it but doing update on laptop so posting from iPhone.

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