Britain’s Prince Harry Rumored to be Dating Mulatto American Actress

Price Harry of Britain is a race traitor. In that sense, he’s also a traitor to his heritage and to the indigenous peoples of Britain.


The Sunday Express said the actress has already been introduced to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and “fitted in straight away”.

Kensington Palace said they did not comment on private matters, and Ms Markle’s representatives did not return a request for comment.

A source told the newspaper the pair were “taking it a step at a time”, adding: “He’s happier than he’s been for many years.”

Bookmakers on Sunday said they were suspending betting on a royal wedding for Prince Harry, having previously offered odds of 12-1 that he would announce his engagement this year, and 5-1 that he would tie the knot in 2017.

Prince Harry has a royal duty to marry a royal woman. If he fails to exercise that duty, then the least he could do would be to marry a British woman who can pass on his genes for red hair.

Gingers are going extinct. Every ginger should think about that and act accordingly.

Prince Harry can thank me later, but doing a quick Internet image search turned up this unidentified beauty, who would be a far better match for him than an American half-breed. Go for her, Harry!

red hair beauty

7 thoughts on “Britain’s Prince Harry Rumored to be Dating Mulatto American Actress

  1. As soooooooooooooo many others harry is a Rothschild (realllllly badddd jew-devil) as it choice for fellow-sub-chimp-monkey.

  2. I am beginning to think that many of these ‘white bred’ uppity dudes go for women who they perceive as being able to control…. ‘me white man, you brown woman…’ it is sort of like they can feel ‘better’ than these women….. it is an off shoot of Cock Colonialism.

    Men should marry their equal

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