The Sun’s Energy Output is Dropping

Uh-oh. The sun is even turning against us. If I were a God fearing man, I’d be praying about this development, which bodes ill for life on earth as we have known it.

The author of the story below, Martin Armstrong, hypothesizes that global warming is a myth. What I can add to the conversation is twofold. While a professor at the university for 30 years, I observed:

1. Professors support global warming theory. Many professors are prostitutes, willing to say or write anything that will help them obtain grant money. When you have a grant, you don’t have to teach classes. In the academic plantation, those who teach classes are looked down upon by those with grants. Most of these research professors hate teaching and students anyway. You can get grant money if you support global warming.

2. Within the professoriate, there is a subset of professors who are control freaks. One way to control people is through teaching. But you only control a small number of students in your classes. By preaching Marxist drivel, you can influence public policy in the direction of more command and control. Some of these professors take jobs in government for a while, where they help write new regulations and rules to whip us peons into shape. Global warming theory supports new regulations.

Global warming theory serves the self interests of professors and government bureaucrats. We should be suspicious of it.

Armstrong Economics

I have been warning that global warming is really a hoax, for the major issue is that the sun is a thermodynamic system, which means that it does not provide a steady output. There is a 300-year cycle to this entire phenomenon.

Experts say that solar activity has fallen to levels not seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 known as the Maunder Minimum.

While the global warming advocates want to blame everything on CO2 levels, hard evidence from ice core samples indicate that spikes in CO2 levels trailed increases in global temperature by about 200 years. This has caused people to question the validity of their theories. Of course, the cycle with CO2 level spikes predates human activity with combustion engines by hundreds of thousands of years.

Environment Minister Hendricks of the EU wants to regulate cow farting, claiming that it creates more global warming than cars.

Volcanoes can—and do—influence the global climate. Mount Tambora erupted in 1816 and threw so much ash into the air that it snowed during the summer in New York City. The event became known as “18-hundred-and-froze-to-death.”

The problem is that global warming is like trying to analyze a market by only looking at short positions and never the longs. CO2 levels are an aspect, but the major aspect remains the energy output of the sun that dictates the major cycle, which is heading back into a cooling phase that no degree of CO2 levels will overcome.

We should also never forget that there are companies that are being given government money to promote global warming theory. Obama’s famous failure Solyndra is just one example.

12 thoughts on “The Sun’s Energy Output is Dropping

  1. Lies damn lies and statistics. We should all worry, we have a few billion years of life at most. A tidbit I heard one day is that at current population increase, due to reckless immigration levels, of close to 2% annually, Australia will have more human beings in 18,000 years than there are atoms in the entire Universe.

    Imagine that.

    With any luck, the sun might explode or suck the earth in sometime this Century. Then the misery of the whites (those who have brains) will end quickly.

    The earth spinning speed is also slowing. If we stop we will be like the moon. As hot as buggery on one side and near absolute zero on the other.

    Gravity is a remarkable force. Invisible and silent, no apparent energy used. By luck, the earth stays roughly the same distance from the Sun for billions of years. If we move inwards or outwards we are doomed. The earth escaping in to deep space as a rogue planet is an amusing prospect, to me. This might preserve a lot of archeological stuff for aliens to study.

  2. The Hathaway prediction has been remarkably accurate. See above. Plan for colder weather by 2023. The sky is not falling. Solar cycles are natural. Climate scientists may be lying, but NASA’s solar physics people know the truth.

  3. And no wonder.

    The problem seems to be, again, the blessed in hell, proliferation, of that cloacal pox bearer and chancreous parasite, craver o’ cow piss shower’s, cannibalism,ghetto lobster, jenkem, h.i.v’s n s.t.d’s, rape, fried chicken, and furtive faggotry.
    Winner by measure of several galaxies, sweeping the board in all categories, at Mother Nature’s Ugly Bug-Eyed Boon Ball.

    Given their dark hue, they absorb the sun’s energy, pushing
    him to his limit’s.
    An enormous,ever metastatizing sponge of shit.
    Never giving back.
    Sucking the life from the universe.
    Gibs me dat!
    Din du nuffin’ing the Sun from the sky.

    Unlike creatures of a fairer shade, Human’s, who having taken only a modest amount of his ray’s, reflect the excess back.
    Allowing him to relax, take a breather, and recharge his batteries.
    Recovering his solar wind, for the next round of involuntary jaboon based, grand galactic theft gollywog.

    I’m no Adonis, i hasten to add.

    I am though ALL the ist’s and phobes a kooky kykel could conjure, and more.

    Except arachnaphobe.
    Less omnimerde (zero),
    more Pan Spider i say.
    Their attention to hygiene and environment should be an object lesson.

    It’s explained in layman’s terms here…

    A more rigourous extrapolation of theory and
    scientific research here…

  4. If worried about CO2 increases, plant more trees…get rid of useless breeding machines using up wood and other natural resources. This will make more room for cows and other animals more worthy of presence on our beautiful earth.

    As for the sun, supposedly, it will burn out one day, nothing we can do about it, but for now, everything about global warming, other than natural cooling and warming cycles, is fabricated to line the pockets of the wealthy with more money.

  5. Remember what I said: we’ll be entering a new ice age in the next thousand years or so. This happens for 100,000 years, then warms up for 10,000. This has happened for at least 2.5 million years. This allows civilization to occur, and why records of civilization go back no further than 10,000 BC. Well, it’s been 12,000 years. We’re overdue for another ice age. It’s not suddenly going to be warm forever – we’re simply concluding this interglaciary period.

    As for the rest, nobody is 100% sure how old the earth is, how it came to be or how much longer life on Earth has left. All we have are theories. It won’t happen in our lifetimes, so no need to concern ourselves with this.

    Once the ice age is here, any non-Europeans left in our countries will die from prolonged lack of exposure to sunlight and warmth. They need other continents to sustain their generations and they won’t make it in most of the northern henisphere after 3000 AD.

  6. “Environment Minister Hendricks of the EU wants to regulate farting, claiming that it creates more global warming than cars.”
    Maybe vegetarians should have to pay a tax like a carbon tax, a methane emissions tax?

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