States Where You Can Change an Early Vote

3 thoughts on “States Where You Can Change an Early Vote

  1. That to me is a crazy idea. Only an undemocratic nation would allow such a thing. This makes electronic fraud much easier, the fact that any vote cast can be changed later on. Ths should be forbidden.

    So Joe Sixpack votes for rump and settles down with beer and chips to watch the election. the media alarms hims with some sleazy story so he changes to Hillary. Democracy is thus saved from the danger that people might actually make a choice.

    If Joe Beergut does not actually change his vote, the computer program can do it for him. And probably will, by just enough to get Hillary over the line. Only 1% or 2% of votes need to be altered to ensure she wins. The cheating will be done only in “swinging” States where the result is always close.

    I think electronic voting should be banned except in dictatorships where it should be compulsory. In the USA, the machine should print out a hard copy voucher with the vote clearly printed on it, including any other chosen name such as Adolf Hitler or Bernie Sanders. The voter then folds this and hands it in. This vote can be counted and recounted in front of party scrutineers if the electronic tally looks suspicious.

    • It’s not legal in many states as the map shows.

      Elections are big business in America, including the sale of voting machines. Trump has exposed the rigged system via Wikileaks and alternative media. Democrats do most of the stealing of elections. Your suggestions to increase transparency are good ones.

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