Inspirational Quote of the Day: One from the French New Right


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In 2000, Faye relaunched J’ai Tout Compris! as a monthly edition where he expresses his ideas: Faye predicts an abolition of European societies due to massive immigration, and a total war between the West and the Islamic world, endorsing the “clash of civilization” theory.

He takes part in the Rivarol journal and regularly collaborates with Pierre Vial’s Terre et Peuple (fr) neo-Pagan group. He also participates in conferences abroad, such as with the US nationalist group American Renaissance on 3 March 2006.

Faye has been criticized for his “extremism” by Alain de Benoist in a March 2000 interview published in the Italian review Area, close to the Alleanza Nazionale.[2]

In 2007, he published La Nouvelle question juive (The New Jewish question) in which he strongly criticized Holocaust deniers and many Third Positionists and anti-Zionists (such as Alain Soral or Christian Bouchet) whom he accuses of sympathy for Islamism. As a response, he was accused of being a “national-Zionist”.

Several of Faye’s books have been translated into English and published by Arktos. These include “Archeofuturism – European visions of the post-catastrophic age” (2010), “Why we Fight – manifesto of the European resistance” (2011) and “Convergence of Catastrophes” (2012).

A quick and easy way to grasp the ideology of Faye’s alt-right world is through this Golden Boy video:

One thought on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One from the French New Right

  1. “”anti-Zionists…… whom he accuses of sympathy for Islamism.” My comments are only about this point, a “niggling” point. It is “niggardly” of me to go on about it.

    Some lefties – almost 100% – have no problem in loving human rights and non whites but not giving a shit about Palestinians. There are a “Holy 6 Million” refugees – all of them Palestinians. These refugees do not exist to Western Govts, they see only Syrian, Iraqi, Somalia, Afghanis and so on refugees. Do I like Palestinians? No I do not. I have contempt for them. They did not fight the Jews so they lost their land. They were gutless. Now, they are landless. Whites are like the new Palestinians. There is a new secret Balfour declaration signed, and it promises your land to Coons and towelheads.

    Right wing people are expected to only oppose any groups which are against Israel. Many so called right wingers are fanatical Zionists.

    I do not see why I can not dislike homos, Jews and Arabs all at the same time, equally. Plus Coons but even more so. Some Arabs throw Arab homos off buildings. Thus, I should love homos and hate Arabs? One Botulism (sic) poofter shot up a poofter club in Orlando USA. Who to hate the poofy Muzzy shooter of the poofy vcitims? Hitler killed gypsies. Does this mean I must love gypsies?

    Some Arabs rape small white boys and girls in the West. Actually they rape anyone, anywhere when they can get away with it.

    Most pedophiles are homosexuals.

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