Claim: FBI Agents Refused to Destroy Clinton Computers

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Trouble for Hillary Clinton is good news for America and the world.

If this news is true, we can thank honest FBI agents who staged a quiet uprising within the agency.

Excerpt from the Daily Caller

Agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation never destroyed laptops given to them by aides of Hillary Clinton as previously reported, a Washington D.C. lawyer with a source close to the Clinton investigation says.

Washington D.C. attorney Joe DiGenova said on The David Webb Show on SiriusXM Friday night that despite the FBI agreeing to destroy the laptops of Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson as part of immunity deals made during the initial investigation of Clinton’s email server, agents involved in the case refused to destroy the laptops.

“According to the agreement reached with the attorneys who handed over their laptops, the laptops were to be destroyed per the agreement after the testimony was given –the interviews were given – – by the attorneys. The bureau and the department agreed to that,” DiGenova said. “However the laptops contrary to published reports were not destroyed and the reason is the agents who are tasked with destroying them refused to do so. And by the way the laptops are at the FBI for inspection by Congress or federal courts.”

Although Democrats will not cooperate, surely Republicans in Congress will be issuing a subpoena to the FBI to get a look at the machines in question.

Which makes this Saturday a good news day. Any day that puts Hillary Clinton and her corrupt pals one step closer to being locked up is a good news day.

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One thought on “Claim: FBI Agents Refused to Destroy Clinton Computers

  1. The FBI is dishonorable. With honorable people, deals are always adhered to, even if unsavory. Why are there no rogue FBI agents willing to spill the beans on 911? There were no promises made to the perps of 911, because the FBI could not find any. The dancing Israeli in 1963 in Dallas was also a Mossad Jew – Zapruder who just happened to film the JFK murder from the perfect vantage point with an expensive movie camera in colour. He should have been arrested as an obvious part of the conspiracy, instead he was treated like a hero. He made big bucks as no doubt those gnag of five in New York also did with their footage of the first plane hitting the first tower.

    I think the multi-decade rule of blackmailer, pervert and crime czar J Edgar Hoover has corrupted the FBI for decades more to come.

    “If you can not trust the Governments of the world, who can you trust”? (((Yahoo Serious))) a movie character speaking a comedic line full of irony and even sarcasm.

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