Stripper Bambi Who Bragged About Her Sex with Student While A Teacher Gets Upgraded Charges


Mary Beth Haglin, who now strips using the name Bambi, has seen her sex charges upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony after a shocking set of TV interviews in which she blamed the irresistible wooing of her underage sex partner for her crimes.

I don’t have to use the word “alleged” in this story because she’s gone on national TV and admitted in detail her sexual activities with a student.

In stories like this one you generally get three variations in the comments:

1. She’s too beautiful for prison.

2. There’s no crime because the boy enjoyed it.

3. If a man had done this, they’d throw the book at him.

Read the story and then let’s explore the implications revolving around these three issues.

Daily Mail

An Iowa teacher-turned-stripper who was charged with sleeping with a 17-year-old student is now facing tougher count after her lurid confessions during a Dr Phil appearance.

haglin dr phil

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, admitted to sleeping with the teen daily on the October 17 edition of the show. She was arrested in July last year.

As a result, prosecutors have upgraded her charges from misdemeanor sexually exploiting a minor to felony sexual exploitation – bumping her maximum sentence up from two to five years, the NY Post reported.

Papers filed by the Linn County Attorney’s Office in Cedar Rapids point directly to her TV appearances – which also included interviews with Inside Edition and Crime Watch Daily – as the reason for her tougher charges.

Haglin ‘admitted engaging in a pattern or practice of sexual conduct with a student while employed as a teacher at Washington High School, which supports the more serious felony offence,’ the papers said.

The ex-teacher, who now strips under the name ‘Bambi,’ was arrested in July their their six-month affair was spotted by an eagle-eyed classmate – and after the teen showed off her nude pictures to his friends.

The pair had hooked up while Haglin was working at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids.

Their relationship, which ran from January to May this year began, she told Dr Phil, he seduced her with romantic Post-Its.

haglin couch

At the end of class, he would leave the messages on her desk calling her ‘my empress’ and ‘Mrs Robinson’ – the latter a reference the older woman who seduces a young man in the movie ‘The Graduate.’

Eventually, Haglin said, a fight with her then-boyfriend drove her into the teen’s arms – and into a relationship that she says the 17-year-old convinced her was real.

‘He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the whole facade,’ Haglin told Dr Phil.

In one letter, written when Haglin was moonlighting as a waitress, the adolescent suggestively wrote: ‘I love the way you smell like pizza. It drives me crazy wanting a piece of the crust.’

Haglin admitted to having sex with the 17-year-old almost every day for nine months, sometimes in her or his car, other times in the homes of the boy’s parents.

Eventually, she said he convinced her to send him sexy photos of herself, including some naked selfies, which he later reportedly shared with his friends at school.

‘I don’t know what was going through his brain,’ Haglin said. ‘He thought it would be cool… bragging rights… I don’t know.’

Let’s tackle the issues.

1. Too beautiful: No one is too beautiful for prison.

2. The boy enjoyed it: Irrelevant. Some women might enjoy being raped by Bill Clinton or even Bill Cosby. Should their enjoyment wipe away the crime? I don’t think so.

Pervert pedophiles argue that babies enjoy sex with adults. Is there no crime if a baby enjoys being masturbated by an adult? I don’t think so.

Furthermore, teachers have a special duty to avoid sexual or romantic relationships with students. Even at the college level, where student and professor are adults, these relationships are banned.

3. Men are punished more severely for sex crimes than women. The question is whether men’s sentences are too harsh or women’s sentences are too light. This question raises the issue of what value should be placed on the innocence of underage minors.

Women wanted equality, but they also want to go on TV and blame anyone but themselves for their predicament. Mary Beth Haglin will be lucky if she only serves five years. There are men in Texas serving 20 and 40 year sentences for similar sex crimes.

I’ve not even touched upon morality, our sexualized culture, or a dozen other different issues that you might be thinking about in regard to this case.

One thing for sure. Teachers have gone wild over the last decade and so have many other women seeking out boy lovers. The lack of restraint in our whole culture is disturbing. Society is clearly breaking down, becoming meaner, more violent, more dishonest, more pornographic, and more exploitative.

Teacher-student sex must be analyzed within that broader context. To do it right would probably take a book or two or six or …

21 thoughts on “Stripper Bambi Who Bragged About Her Sex with Student While A Teacher Gets Upgraded Charges

  1. Another example of Why putting flesh on anyone (Job 10:11) is not only unforgiveable, but forever Wrong, duh!!! The intelligent faction of the true Spirit World (Elohim) said this, before Job 10:11!!! Were we right? 100%!!!

    “there is nothing good in the flesh”. “the flesh is corrupt”. “the flesh wars against all that is right” and is disgustingly wicked, not to forget full of less than worthless pain, and (other) “needs”!!!

    • Exactly.

      She did something special for him and he shamed her.

      The same dudes wonder why they don’t get action anymore. Duh. You are all busy shaming women. What’s wrong with sharing nude pics with someone?

      • The obvious sluttyness of it? That someone else might share it as it happened here? There are a lot of things wrong with sharing nude pics with someone, imo. Guys and girls so you won’t say that this is just about shaming women. Just that in this day and age making nude pics of yourself or others basically invites trouble.

      • Dude there is a big difference between sharing a nude pic and say, sucking someone’s dick. Really nothing slutty or bad about nudity between lovers

      • This is what I think was being called the “fake Alpha” of “Vile Alpha” or “Toxic Alpha” type behavior, it is Kwan behavior or something Islamic to shame a women like this, a real “Alpha” is still decent with women, what ever happened to “don’t kiss and tell”

      • Even between lovers, i don’t see the need for nude pics. There’s sex or other things if you want it. It just leaves you exposed because someone else could take them if you aren’t paying attention, imo.

    • Alpha’s don’t hit it and then talk about it. Lame.

      Who was the REAL victim here? The thousands of men and women out here that will now feel shamed about !oh shyte! getting naked with their significant other. This azzzzz wrecked it and others like him wreck it for good men and women who want to be genuine and share themselves.

      Better this than the fake boob and butt shyte. But this douche wrecked.

      Women do boudoir photos for their men etc. Really, it is hawt and nice.

      • Agreed, he was lucky to have her, again what ever happened to “don’t kiss and tell” the Jewish poison of hollywood I think.

    • I agree he should have been grateful to get the photos and never shown them to anyone. More relevant is that she was breaking the law and knew it. Lawbreakers are very foolish to take photos which confirm their criminality and lead to an open and shut case against them. This may especially apply to any sex with minor type activity. The photos are both proof and often an extra crime as well.
      He may have been breaking the law by sharing her naked pics without her permission, if he sent them to anyone.
      She proved her lack of brain power by going on to “Doctor” Phil and telling all. For criminals and also any innocent accused and arrested, silence is golden.

      Re “Dr” Phil from Stormfront…….”The stupid deluded people he has on his show make my skin crawl. Always blaming someone else for the mess their lives are in. “

  2. I would reduce her sentence because 7 years is not a huge age gap. She had power over him but not to an overwhelming degree.
    Re male perps vs female. One big difference is that a male can not get pregnant, only the female abuser can get pregnant. Also, where I come from, the female is charged with “penetration” even though she is the one who is penetrated. This applies to oral sex also.
    So wrong, illegal, etc but nobody should get 20 years in jail for having consensual sex with a 17 year old. This is old enough to give consent in most places. However a teacher can not get consent like this due to their power relationship. I would like professors to be exposed to the same laws, even if their student is over 30. Shagging students is corrupt and wrong, always. Normally a boss can not shag workers, also. Bill Clinton excepted.



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    • I’ll vouch for that due to personal experience. It is not something that is going to save us, but it is fun. But this lady is obviously damaged, hence the stripping.

      • What will save us is men,like the douches that think she should go to prison forever, shedding the psycho sexually limiting attitudes they have towards women. What will save us is women like her giving up birth control such that when this young man did her, she would get pregnant

      • “Whites” have a falling birthrate do they not? If people are out f$%king, they should be thinking about propogating.

        He f$%ked her for months. Why not get her pregnant? What is the big deal?

        What is more important out here? Limiting attitudes or more of “us”?

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