Idiot Canadian Professor: Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege


The imbecile professor pictured above, Misao Dean, is certainly an ugly and ignorant big mouth. She apparently thinks that the stupid white race was too dumb to have invented the canoe independently of whenever the “First Americans” (featherheads) invented it. Actually, Europeans did have dugout canoes, as did other cultures.

She says it’s racist of white people to go canoeing. Well, I suppose that since our feathered Native Americans didn’t invent the car that it’s racist of them to drive one. That would be logically consistent, but with “experts” on racism like this woman, don’t expect intelligence or consistency.

These people just get stupider by the day with their nonsense.

Fox News

According to Misao Dean, Professor of English at the University of Victoria, the canoe can be a symbol of colonialism, imperialism and genocide due to history. She also accused the canoers of cultural appropriation because they are primarily white men and have a privileged place in society.

In a radio interview for CBC Radio, which wasn’t picked by the Internet until several months later, she claimed “we have a whole set of narratives that make the canoe into a kind of morally untouchable symbol, something that seems natural, that seems ordinary, and seems to promote values that we ascribe to.”

“But I think if you look a little further that narrative obscures or erases another narrative—and that narrative is about, to be blunt, it’s about theft and genocide”, the professor said.

Dean continued to explain why she thinks Canada picked the canoe as a symbol, claiming it has to do with benefits to particular groups—particularly white men— who pushed the canoe.

This story is about much more than one professor who’s written a book about racist canoes in order to get a raise from he university. More broadly, the story is about the cultural Marxist takeover of institutions of higher learning throughout North America.

It’s been awhile since I’ve given my advice: Never donate money to any university unless you’re absolutely certain it has not been infiltrated. All public universities have been infiltrated. There are probably a few private schools and religious schools that reject the hatred of whites that this damnable woman is expressing. Hillsdale College used to be such a school, but I haven’t kept up with it recently.

17 thoughts on “Idiot Canadian Professor: Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege

  1. Well fuck! Now I have to get rid of my kayaks abdominal replace them with canoes since colonialism, imperialism and genocide are values I ascribe to and want to promote them


    “A dugout canoe or simply dugout is a boat made from a hollowed tree trunk. Other names for this type of boat are logboat and monoxylon. Monoxylon (μονόξυλον) (pl: monoxyla) is Greek — mono- (single) + ξύλον xylon (tree) — and is mostly used in classic Greek texts. In Germany they are called einbaum (“one tree” in English). Some, but not all, pirogues are also constructed in this manner.

    Dugouts are the oldest boats archaeologists have found, dating back about 8,000 years to the Neolithic Stone Age.[1] This is probably because they are made of massive pieces of wood, which tend to preserve better than, e.g., bark canoes. Along with bark canoe and hide kayak, dugout boats were also used by indigenous peoples of the Americas.”

    We were there first. As usual.

    What will it be next ? White water rafting ?

  3. I would post a picture of the CORACLE used by ancient mariners (introduced to Rome by Celts) but I cannot upload on this phone.. Google it.:)
    The Vikings used this round boat as a ‘one seater’ to cross the north Atlantic.
    Now stop and put yourself in this one seater and hang on for dear life. Do you know how savage the north Atlantic is? Still want to prove you are as tough as our fantastic Viking fathers? Wooohahaha!
    Remember the words to the song ‘Rocket man’ by the fag, Elton John? ( ‘It’s lonely out in space’)
    Just put yourself into this one seater and head from brazil to Ireland.How many ship wrecks ( Bermuda triangle also) pages and pages and pages. Read them on your ,ah, Voyage..)

  4. Oh, and my comments is not to anyone specifically…unless one doubts the courage and tenacity of our Viking fathers, who crossed waters rising higher than roller coasters and taking the BIG Kahunas Bobby Darren and Annette Funicello never dreamed about.:)

  5. Him heap plenty white men hab died from dem horrible tobacco what dem injuns gave them.
    This was genocide of hundreds of millions of people by the native Americans (injjuns) against the whites.
    More whites have died from tobacco than Injuns have died form smallpox.
    Indians gave syphilis to Europe also as a gift.

  6. Native Hawaiians also should retreat to their safe space. All around the world surfboard riders are having fun while being racist. They appropriated the surfboard riding from the Hawaiians.
    It is lucky indigenous people invent almost nothing worth copying.
    For example, it is hard to think of any activity appropriated from abos. “Abo” and “activity” are almost contradictions.
    Sniffing petrol (benzine/gasoline) is just about never copied by whites.
    I guess any white man wearing snow shoes in Canada is also a racist as he tramps through the wilderness. Whereas a white man using a noisy snowmobile is thus a good person.
    Same goes for canoe – racist, and noisy speedboat – not racist.
    Professor – idiot. Leave school at 15 – intelligent thinker.
    My most intelligent child wanted to leave school after attending for just one day, he had learned all he ever needed to know about school. That is real brain power!

  7. Her cranium is a “dugout”. College Canuck with Caucasian canoeing concerns. She had a bad experience in a canoe perhaps at the hands of her own race? Y’know these things happen and the vitriol emanates forth from such irrational persons.

  8. This should settle everything 🙂 the NEGRO created everything, just ask any black israhellite, black pansy member, jeremiah wright or Louis farrakunt… if a white man does or uses anything, he beeze a rayciss!

    As far as libturds and leftist, marxist psychopaths go, just when you think their mental illness cannot get any worse, the jooze lower the limbo bar even more.

    I HAD a friend for almost 40 years and since bathhouse barry occupied the former white house, we do not speak any more. HE has multiple graduate degrees and PHD with an IQ close to 180, but he’s up there with George soros, hildabeast, barry o, saul alinsky in his quest to make insanity the law of the land

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