Dumb Hillary Supporters Caught! A Trump Supporter’s Best Revenge



Trump-Signs-nail spikes


trump clapping gif

felix cat laughing gif

GoodfellasLaugh2 gif

puppy gif laughing


6 thoughts on “Dumb Hillary Supporters Caught! A Trump Supporter’s Best Revenge

  1. Brilliant!
    Live by the sword, and die by the sword.
    Those nails look a bit cheapish but they did the job.
    Better to use sharp and thicker steel nails, and angle them slightly towards the approaching car. This will attach the whole board to the tyre! I have no idea what the best angle would be, not too much or they might be flattened.
    Maybe paint the board green to match the grass. heh heh.
    With so many holes the tyre must be replaced, an expensive loss for a lefty who maybe votes Green and loves the environment, that is why they drive cars!
    I am against all forms of senseless vandalism, but in this case the car driver was the vandal. The board with nails was a defensive weapon only to protect the rights of anyone to show support for a political candidate.
    Lefties and SJWs do not believe that any candidates except communists should be allowed to advertise. They want the USA to become a one party paradise like the Soviet Union, North Korea or Pol Pots Cambodia.

    • I hope a lot of people see this. This is a good example of how to sabotage the System. LIke you, I don’t like vandalism much, but as a weapon for us to wield against our enemies, sometimes it’s all we’ve got.

    • I hope the idea spreads.

      There was a video of a guy who rigged up a Trump sign with fishing line or something. When a thief creeped in at night and took the sign and ran away he hit the end of the line and the sign was jerked from his hand. Maybe it set off a wire that tripped him, too. I can’t quite remember. I think someone else rigged up firecrackers to a sign and somehow they exploded when the sign was stolen.

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