This Overstuffed Sausage of a White Girl Has 53K Instagram Followers–Why?

The woman pictured above calls herself Ivoryyyy on Instagram. She posts selfies of herself, soliciting comments from admiring males.

At GLP where there’s a forum thread devoted to this creature, opinions have a negative vibe to them.

First, she’s a mudshark or coalburner, which very few white people like. Second, one opinion called her out as a catfisher, which is defined by the Urban Dictionary this way:

A catfisher is the name coined to a bottom dwelling human, who spends a great deal of time on the net in various locations, luring people into a falsely based romance. A catfisher uses fake pictures and bogus information. Often has low self esteem and simply is not happy enough with their image to present it to people that they deem out of their league, and turns to faking other people instead. Other reasons for fraudulently representing people include doing it to boosting one’s self esteem and playing people they would otherwise not even get to speak to. In short a catfisher is someone who performs the act of catfishing.

Personally, if I were in the “dating” game today, I would avoid any female who took selfies and posted them online.

Some have called her out as a tranny. Others say she doesn’t look white. Mostly, she’s viewed as a pig.

The consensus seems to follow the lyrics to the song: “I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me.”

More photos to help you figure out why she has over 53,000 admirers. I don’t get it.




Link to her Instagram page

23 thoughts on “This Overstuffed Sausage of a White Girl Has 53K Instagram Followers–Why?

  1. “you j.e.w.s. (lake of fire-bound) are NOT WHITE, DUH!!! Rather, You are All Rev 2&3:9’ers, Hell-Bound, Forever!!!” Be Ready!!! Imminent:

  2. Personally, if I were in the “dating” game today, I would avoid any female who took selfies and posted them online.

    Then you wouldn’t be doing much dating.

  3. It’s not so much that these women are overweight, it’s that they flaunt in public what is not pleasing to the eye; although, there are men who prefer fat women.

    • The popularity of fat porn proves there are men who live em porky. Actually, porky comes in different types, from thick to obese, with many gradations in between. What sort of catches the eye here are how the thighs seem to be busting out of the pants. It’s an odd look that I assume blacks like.

      • There exists a song or two, about “Big-legged Women,” that persons of color find enjoyable. Remember that old song, from the 50s, that a guy asks, “Who wants the lady with the skinny legs?” Nobody wants her. “You got her, Leroy.” Their attraction to big legs and asses is in their DNA, due to the starvation food rations available to them in Africa. In prosperous communities, being slim is glorified, while in poor communities, fat means prosperity and, over millions of years, fat becomes sexually attractive.

      • She is thicker than a Snicker mang. You know you want stick your sausage in that bun boyee!

  4. My supastion is no healthy White man wants a fat bitch but broken men, or otherwise low value men know they can’t do better so embrace banging Land whales out of some version of psychological self defense

    • Then the knee-grows have the desire to bump bellies, with these grotesque skanks, embedded in their DNA. I’ve known about the song, “Big-legged Woman,” for a long time but I just found out there is also a song called, “I Love Big Fat Butts.”

      • lol I love old school music and yeah you hear the big legged woman phrase a lot from blues music going to the 20’s

        You do not hear the same sort of references in White music from the same time periods

  5. Here are some tips I heard decades ago at the pub type dating scene for men that want to dip their wicks the same night, without paying for it. A joke of course but all jokes are only half a joke.

    “Go fat early”.

    “Go ugly early”.

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