Russians “Trigger” Europe with Gay Pigs Concentration Camp Cartoon

russian cartoon mocks europe

If you look closely at this cartoon there’s a richness of detail that escapes the eye at first glance. In the lower right corner, Russia is depicted as an industrial power.

The pigs actually appear to be piggy banks. Look at the slots in their backs and note that one pig has money sticking out of the slot. I don’t understand the significance of that symbolism.

The bear appears to be a friendly fellow, not menacing at all.

What triggered the European cucks is probably the gay rainbow flag. These morons defend homos on the basis of that Marxist “inclusion” idea, but it probably upsets them to be portrayed as greedy, piggy fags.

Maybe you’ll also see more symbolism in this little bit of nose tweeking by an ever more confident Russia.

Tensions between Russia and the West are high, but it seems the Russian Embassy has little desire to extend an olive branch after posting a mocking cartoon depicting Europeans as ‘gay pigs’.

The illustration, which was posted to Twitter by the UK embassy on Saturday, shows Russia as a muscular tight T-shirt wearing bear, flexing in front of pigs in a camp emblazoned with a Eurozone sign and Pride flag.

Above the drawing, the embassy wrote: ‘If Russia is in decline, why worry? Maybe, real worry is West’s decline and that we manage things better?’

The post has been highly criticised with it even suggest the camp was intended to look like Auschwitz or other concentration camps.

It comes with tensions high between Europe and Russia with Russia last week sailing warships down the English Channel on the way to Syria.

The Kremlin has also been criticised for repressive measures against the LGBT community causing President Vladimir Putin to claim homophobia in the country had been ‘deliberately exaggerated’ by Western media.

The Russian Embassy told only the illustrator could comment on the drawing, adding: ‘We can’t otherwise explain all the ado about Russia minding its business relatively well and managing several international crises at the same time.’

8 thoughts on “Russians “Trigger” Europe with Gay Pigs Concentration Camp Cartoon

  1. Pigs, piggy banks – a blatant hint about Jew bankers directing the foreign policy of Europe and the USA, which nobody on Twitter seems to see.

    Stinky poofy faggot Yids vs healthy strong bear. Though this bear would be greatly admired by poofs and trannies alike. This bear is normal and is not a bum bandit. The conservative clothes tell me this. Fags like to be highly fashionable, in hair style also and may be bling wearers like male Coons and most women do, Visible example is Milo The Greek Anal Reamer. Alt-right with a kink.

    “Arbeit Macht Frei” over the entrance to NSDAP camps. Was this a hint that most inmates were lazy bludgers who avoided real work or joining the army? Jews, for example?
    The Germans were saying “get a job and we will let you go”. Why not move all lazy bums in Europe to such camps right now in 20116, especially tinted rapefuckees.
    “Work makes free”.

    • Wrong. Anyone with even a whit of a brain can be, and IS against queers AND sheetheaded camel f**kers. Period. They are not mutually exclusive and are, in fact, complimentary.

      and Robert nailed the slots in the piggies back…

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  3. The piggy banks represent the ignorant citizenry of the West, who, unbeknownst to their vacuous selves, are nothing but a farm-grade commodity, deftly exploited and used by the Jews as a wealth-generation mechanism… And also used to aid them in attaining that age-old sick, pharisaical desire of ruling the World (i.e., subjugating all non-Jews to them as their SLAVES, or to the GRAVEYARD.) The West is, essentially, just one big USURY FARM to the Jew; its population mere “cash-cows” to them… or “cash-pigs” in this case (which IS probably more appropriate, considering how so many of them have become fat, arrogant, and obnoxious.)

    The concentration camp theme is THICK with irony. The pigs erroneously believe they have “freed the World from the tyranny of evil” — represented by the iconic imagery of “German concentration camp” Hollywood propaganda lore. But, the pigs cannot see that they have, unwittingly, actually done just the opposite; and in doing so, have also imprisoned themselves within their OWN concentration camp… One they cannot even see… And, perhaps more importantly, one they REFUSE to see. For, if they did, they would have to admit to themselves that they also built it THEMSELVES. As such, they have internalized the commands of their oppressors, and are vigorously defending the camp, even though it will shortly lead to their demise. And, also worth noting, at the gate of the concentration camp the words overhead, in wrought-iron, that once welcomed new arrivals, “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free), are now gone… replaced simply with a sterile “E(uro) Zone”.

    Potent stuff.


    To add to the irony of all this, I would be surprised if it was not actually a Jew who was responsible for introducing this cartoon image into the public domain, as it certainly is one of their hallmarks to play both (or ALL) sides against one-another. Think of it as sort of a “Russian Charlie Hebdo”, if you will. And we all know who ran that outfit, don’t we?

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