Putin: Russia Not Influencing the Election, but Trump Speaks for the People

putin winking

You can always count on Vladimir Putin to offer thoughtful, truthful opinions about world affairs. What a great and honest man, compared to America’s deceivers.

What caught my eye in Putin’s discussion is his observation about how ridiculous it is for the press to be claiming that Russia would have any chance of influencing how Americans vote.

As we know, there are large racial groups, not including the European-American population, who vote solely on the basis of their group interest, which generally means overriding meritocracy in favor of affirmative action.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal

MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin has no preference in the U.S. presidential elections but Republican candidate Donald Trump does reflect the needs of average people “who don’t like that power is being transferred by inheritance.”

Mr. Trump “is, of course, extravagant,” Mr. Putin said during a televised conference in the southern city of Sochi. “He simply represents the interests of simple people who criticize those who have been in power for decades.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has suggested that Russia is backing Mr. Trump, citing the hacking and leaking of emails from the Democratic National Committee, hacking that U.S. security officials blame on Russia.

Mr. Putin said that Russia’s support for Mr. Trump had been invented by Western media, and that it was part of a “political battle, an attempt to manipulate public opinion on the eve of elections.” He said the Kremlin would welcome any candidate who expressed a desire for improved relations with Moscow.

“For us, it doesn’t really make a difference but of course we can’t not welcome words, thoughts, intentions that are publicly expressed about normalizing relations between the U.S. and Russia,” he said.

The Kremlin has long been critical of the democratization agenda pursued overseas by the U.S. and supported actively by Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Putin has often accused Washington of using democracy promotion as a front for regime change, with the U.S. both openly and covertly funding groups supporting democracy in Russia.

He dismissed the idea that Moscow could have some impact on the U.S. elections.

“Does anybody seriously think that Russia could somehow influence the choice of the American people?” he said. “Is it a banana republic or something? America is a great power.”

Earlier this month, U.S. intelligence agencies directly accused the Russian government of trying to interfere in the elections by leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee and other entities.

Mr. Putin criticized the U.S. election campaign, saying that political issues had been “watered down.”

“Elections have stopped being an instrument of change, and have been reduced to scandals, to mudslinging, to questions of who pinched whom and who is sleeping with whom,” he said.

The Russian leader also criticized the West for propagating what he called the “fictional, mythical” military threat Moscow poses to the rest of the world.

“It’s truly a profitable activity. This way they can push through new military budgets in their countries, they can bend allies to the interests of one superpower, they can expand NATO and move its infrastructure, troops, and equipment closer to our borders,” he said.

Can you picture Hillary Clinton hugging a dog with the affection shown by Putin here?

putin dog hug gif

13 thoughts on “Putin: Russia Not Influencing the Election, but Trump Speaks for the People

  1. Mr Putin is correct about many things. However he errs in one important point here; [regrettably] the US IS a banana republic. A big one, but still, it has become one.

    [love his puppy too – what a little furry doll!!!]

  2. ““Is it a banana republic or something? America is a great power.” America is the most powerful banana republic the world has ever known. This is a dangerous combination as proved by the constant wars of aggression carried out by this banana republic this century. No country is strong enough to condemn the USA or Israel for these and other atrocities. Those that do, like Iraq, Libya and Malaysia, get hurt, and bad.

    The blatant daylight crime of 911 proves that the USA is a corrupt banana republic. In any normal country this crime would have taken place at night, dramatically reducing obvious proof of a demolition job. It was intended to be obvious as a crime as a warning to all and sundry. Nobody dares to speak the truth about 911, at least 99 people out of 100 US citizens are cowed by fear of their own Government, and the Government of Israel. 911 was like a Soviet show trial. Everybody knows the fix was in, but the trials, and 911, had the desired fear effect anyway.

    ““It’s truly a profitable activity. This way they can push through new military budgets in their countries, they can bend allies to the interests of one superpower”
    How much in criminal kickbacks do Neocons get from the military suppliers?

    “If the USA had no enemy, it would be necessary to invent one”.

      • Russia probably also knows who shot Kennedy and whether man has ever been to the Moon. Why is it that all countries refuse to embarrass the USA by revealing facts such as the 911 facts?
        Could it be that embarrassing the USA might lead to the destruction of any country that dares to do such a brave thing? I fear yes.
        China would know a hell of a lot about 911, they got all the damaged steel and a lot of other materials mixed in. Most likely they stored a great deal of it in sealed warehouses with which to blackmail the USA for decades to come. In other words, China must have known in 2001 who did the crime or the USA would never let them get a piece of steel from the towers bigger than a matchbox.
        Was millions of US jobs for China a reward for covering up 911? Yes.
        911 proved that crime pays and that being an accessory after the crime also pays. Huge crimes are never punished. They are rewarded.

      • Interesting theories. This is a good example of how we have to think in order to understand what’s going on. I can see Trump throwing a monkey wrench in the system and all the lies and deceit being exposed. Alternatively, they might threaten to kill his whole family to bring him around.

      • Did you know that there is no gold at Fort Knox…never was.
        Did you know at -350 degrees F. at night and over 250 degrees F. During the day prohibits a moon landing…not to mention the impossible passage through the radiation of the Van Allen belt…not to mention sun storms powerful enough to dearly a thousand Hiroshimas)
        I say this because it still carries a death sentence to ‘prove’ the ‘secret’ of the Atom Bo_b.
        The secret matches the examples I gave.

      • As to the Kennedy shooting: the zapruder film is an absolute fake. I proved that to myself, posted it on yout_be under alias and now several ‘genius’ investigaters are taking credit. Pres. Carter and his wife Rose sure fit the dental and facial reconstruction of JFK and Jackie. To each his own opinion…until they trespass on my rights.

  3. Putin really does like animals, even his wife’s Toy Poodle. Any man that can show love openly for a Toy Poodle is my kind of man who is assured of his masculinity.

    This is just another opportunist Marxist Mafia psyop used after Trump said nice things about Putin, thrown out there to insinuate collusion between Putin and Trump and to deflect attention away from Hillary’s crimes.

  4. putin, as all (or 99%) in the soviet (mixed-race) union are of mixed-race. when the bol-shevik (majority) jews raped all of their victims, 1913 onward, most of the White Girls and Women became pregnant with mixed-race offspring (Deut 23:2).

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