Jew School Principal Brutally Beaten by Latino Teen After Telling Him to Remove Headphones


Here we have the small tale of a Jewish school principle enjoying the cultural enrichment that diversity offers.

Fox News

The principal at a lower Manhattan high school was beaten to a pulp by a student on Monday when he told the teen to remove his headphones, sources said.

Principal Matthew Tossman of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, which is in inside Murry Bergtraum HS, spotted 18-year-old Luis Penzo with his headphones blasting in the hallway around noon, according to police sources.

Tossman asked Penzo to turn down the music, and Penzo refused. Then, when Tossman tried to remove the headphones, the 18-year-old student cold-cocked the principal.

Penzo continued to pounce on Tossman, socking him several times in the face, causing swelling and lacerations around both of the principal’s eyes.

Tossman was taken to Lower Manhattan Hospital for treatment. He was later released.

Penzo was arrested at around 1 p.m. Monday and charged with second-degree assault, a felony.

He was awaiting arraignment at Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday night.

Tossman’s wife refused to comment at their home and referred questions to the Department of Education.

The DOE released a statement that said the NYPD “immediately responded to a concerning incident” that took place at the school.

I’ve located a picture of a Luis Penzo, but since I’m not sure it’s the same Penzo as our short-tempered attacker in this case I won’t run it. The Penzo pic shows a burly Negroid looking Puerto Rican type who would have no trouble beating up almost anyone.

As to our Jewish principal, it’s about time that Jews begin enjoying the delights of the diversity they have so gleefully inflicted upon the white population of America.

6 thoughts on “Jew School Principal Brutally Beaten by Latino Teen After Telling Him to Remove Headphones

  1. Good news, maybe. Had the principal been white, attempting to remove the headphones of a Coon or a Latrino would have been assault and the principal would have been fired.
    Different rules for Jews, I suppose. They make the rules and they make the laws. They stack the courts with Jew advocates and Jew judges and Jew Supreme Courts.
    Two down, one Jew bashed and one Latrino going to jail. Yay!
    Lots of Jews will make money fighting both sides of the criminal court case all paid for by the taxpayers, who are not Jews.

  2. Principle needs this: Upcspine or The specific chiropractic or Upper cervical heath centers. Two Good UCS only Chiropractors are Steven Duff is in Windsor California. Richard Duff is in San Francisco California. Don’t go to see one the day an accident when a fall occurs. It takes 4 – 5 days for external asymmetries to show up to be measured by the upper cervical specific only DC chiropractor.

    • I’m glad you appreciated this post. As far as I know I’m one of the few who identifies Jews as Jews in these kinds of stories. There are some good crime websites, but they leave race and ethnicity out like it doesn’t matter.

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