Emmett Till Sign Shot Full of Holes to be Replaced


The murder of Emmett Till, well justified by local Mississippi vigilante custom in 1955, impelled the Negro protest movement forward. The liberal press played the murder up big, just as they did the “murder” of Trayvon Martin, who also has signs commemorating him.

If you want to know the truth about Emmett Till, not the bullsh*t the mainstream media has pedaled for decades, check out the Daily Kenn. His father was hanged by the U.S. military for rape and murder. Young Emmett Till, always a dindu nuffins as far as the media is concerned, sexually assaulted a white women.

The sign above deserved to be shot full of holes. The next one should suffer the same fate.

ABC News

A center dedicated to the memory of slain black teen Emmett Till has raised over $20,000 to replace a bullet-riddled sign commemorating the 1955 Mississippi killing that helped spur the civil rights movement.

The Emmett Till Interpretive Center has raised about 10 times the amount it will cost to replace the historical marker, The Clarion-Ledger (http://on.thec-l.com/2eNEgmP) reported.

Center director Patrick Weems said the new sign will cost between $1,400 and $2,000. He said the extra donations will be used to commemorate Till in other ways.

“In doing this work for 10 years and now seeing this outpouring from people who want to see Emmett Till’s memory sustained, that is incredible,” he said about the donations.


The sign commemorating Till’s slaying has been a repeated target of vandals, and was recently found to be damaged with bullet holes.

It was put up by the Emmett Till Memorial Commission in 2008 near the Tallahatchie River, the site where Till’s body was found 61 years ago.

The 14-year-old Chicago teen was visiting relatives in the Mississippi Delta in August 1955 when witnesses said he whistled at a white woman working behind the counter of a store in the tiny town of Money.

On Aug. 28, he was kidnapped from his uncle’s nearby home. Three days later his body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River, gruesomely disfigured. Barbed wire was wrapped around his neck and he was weighted down with a cotton gin fan.

Till’s mother insisted on an open-casket funeral, and Jet magazine published photos of his corpse. It generated outrage that gave momentum to the civil rights movement.

In 1955, an all-white jury acquitted two white men of murder in Till’s slaying.

Months later, the two told Look magazine they had in fact killed Till.

Haha. They beat the System, although their claim that they murdered Till may have been boasting. Emmett Till’s rapist, murdering father didn’t beat the System. Neither did young Emmett.

10 thoughts on “Emmett Till Sign Shot Full of Holes to be Replaced

    • I personally might not have killed Emmett Till, but I would have taught him the meaning of pain. Whites have never had an interest in killing innocent Negros. NEVER, except for possibly a psychopath or two here and there.

      • My understanding is, they worked him over to get an apology etc but till would not agree to publicly apologizing for his sexual aggression and contained to declare his right to sexually assault White women.

        At some point they made the decsion to put him down

        It is also my understanding till’s family asked him to apologize in advance, before the girl’s men folk caught up with him

  1. The death of that NIGGER was a far better venue than had he lived to tell more lies. I investigated the SCOTTSBORO BOYS ( nine niggers accused of raping 2 white girls in Alabama) after the Jews in New York got through muddying up the water, and bankrupting the Alabama courts, one is left with the solution. It were better had the nine niggers been hanged; they were guilty as sin and the trial transcripts make that obvious.
    Speaking of TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS, read those ( on line) from the SALEM WITCH TRIALS and see right away that had any sensible man been Judge, the damned witches would have been marched out immediately and summarily executed!!!

  2. The google is always complaining that we are not very nice to their murderers, muggers and rapists.

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