Does This Grainy Old Black and White Photo Show Young Hillary Clinton Topless with her Lezzie Roommate?

hillary topless.jpg-large

I have no opinion on whether the girl on the right is Hillary Rodham (now Clinton). However, the girl on the left does look like the her college roommate Eleanor Atcheson.

To help you decide, here are two of many older photos of Hillary you can look at through Google search.

hillary college

The love story behind Hillary and Eleanor Atcheson is covered here.

Lesbian Atcheson served in the Clinton administration. You can read about it at Wikipedia.

What I saw during my years at the university was once a lesbian got a position of power, other lesbians, no matter their level of competence, were promoted into high level positions.

Expect a Sappho administration from HRC, if she’s elected.

7 thoughts on “Does This Grainy Old Black and White Photo Show Young Hillary Clinton Topless with her Lezzie Roommate?

  1. I’ve got to start ordering eye bleach in the 5 gallon size. This election cycle can’t get much weirder. I heard she was a real space cadet back then. Most people thought she was creepy and not really all there.

    • Bill Clinton must be a nut job to have put up with her all these years. Maybe the powers that be arranged this marriage for him, promising both of them the presidency if they would stay together.

  2. Nice funbags, thanks Paladin.
    The real Hillary is wearing glasses when she has clothes on.
    Why does she not need these glasses when her top is off?
    Hillarys current contact lenses are like Trumps hair, a deception and a fraud on the voters.
    Maybe POTUS candidates should all have to pass an eye and hearing test. A POTUS with bad eyesight might sign anything to hide the fact that they can no longer read. A deaf POTUS could make some horrible mistakes.
    A POTUS who is dumb, can not speak, would be fantastic.

    • Hillary’s haircolor is fake too. She’s not a natural blonde, but like the old advertising slogans says, “Blondes have more fun.”

      As to Trump’s hair he had a woman at one of his rallies up on stage feeling his hair.

      This time on a talk show:

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