Dearborn Michigan Isn’t America Anymore (Shock Video Showing Islamification in America)

Obama did this. Millions more Muslims are coming.

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I saw the video at GLP, where this comment appears:

Goddamn right I am. I’m suppose to sit back and watch my culture, the White European Culture that built civilization be erased in favor of third world, backwards, murderous subhuman filth that would enslave us all? FUCK THAT. It’s ok to be racist, hate family, hate culture. hate morals and values, hate everything that makes us great… long as your not white, patriotic and christian? Fuck that. Yeah I’m a racist and I wear that badge with honor.

18 thoughts on “Dearborn Michigan Isn’t America Anymore (Shock Video Showing Islamification in America)

  1. It’s only shocking to the walking dead

    Years back I was wandering the South on my motor scooter, clearing my head saddle tramp style, trying to duplicate a famous cattle drive route and I kept bumping into towns that were near on 100% taco benders and English was foreign, 100s of miles from the border. Mid to late 90’s.

    Before then we’re sections and towns where only German or Polish was spoken

    Point being, the elites have been selling out native born Whites for generations

    • Muslims seem even more foreign than Mexicans. At least some Mexicans in San Antonio have partially assimilated by speaking English and dressing American style. Their bright pink and purple taco restaurants are an eyesore however.

      • When I was in San Antonio getting patched up I meet a few locals who’s family fought for Texas independence. They were high yellow taco benders, proud of their fore father’s and all but firmly grounded in Texas, considered themselves White, not Latino etc and where no more found of mexicans then myself

        That made since to me. little sections of mexico further north did not.

        Then folks told me it was worse on the border

    • There are town here in Soviet Massachusetts that have been 75-90+% latrino for 30 years, the same for some town that are 90% kneegroid..

      Obamination and his jew handlers have flooded some town in Maine (MAINE OF ALL FRIGGIN PLACES!) that are almost 100% somali

  2. 2 Kings 19:35 “and all of the muslims were executed by the Elohim (Angel / Angels) and they were all cast forever into the eternal lake of burning Sulphur, where they are being roasted, day and night, forever and ever, without rest” (ditto all other demons aka j.e.w.s., of course).

    “Be Ready, all you just eternally wickeds!!!!!!!!!! You can never escape!!!!!!!!!”

    “Double Punishment for all Non-Whites Anywhere, save nubia or malay-sia….and even there, if a just eternally wicked, in any sense, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  3. This started back even before but tantamount on July 4 1776.
    The enemies of God proclaimed NOVUS OR DO SECLORUM. Pay attention to the word SECLORUM. See the word “Secular” etymology here?
    The Bastards who held a secret meeting after they had destroyed the Puritan colonies, and proclaimed themselves ‘Founding Fathers’ under ‘ANNUIT COEPTUS’ ( Annual sacrifices) are still meeting in secrecy…secret voting booths…

  4. I left London in 1983 and it was pretty bad in some area’s, mainly south of the river, they take over one area at a time. I went back in the late 90’s and it was a thousand times worse, I haven’t been back since but from what I see on videos the paki’s are now easily the majority.
    White English are now officially the minority in London, can you imagine? A minority in your own capitol city. It’s going to get a lot worse until we get off our lazy asses and begin to do something to reverse this genocide of our race.

    • If it’s any consolation, Washington DC, our nations’s crapital is predominantly negroid, and has been for quite a while.

      Lets see, the occupants of the poopy skin countries breed like rats. They and their latrino cousins openly claim that when they become the majority (very soon) the white race will be exterminated, and they get away with making these claims, being cheered on by their white SJW zombie worshippers

  5. I was on the bus in Hollywood a while back and a young scarfed muzzie sat down. As I passed her to get off, she smiled at me. I leaned down and whispered loudly: “Mohammud rapes little girls.” Her smile froze. Hahaha! I do that every time I see one. I also harass jews. My mouth is my sword at this point.

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