“Refugee” from Kenya Unable to Adjust to U.S. Kills One, Wounds Three Before Suicide


I believe it was Newt Gingrich who noted that Hillary Clinton’s open borders plan would open the U.S. up to accept at least 600 million people from Central and South America. He forgot about Africa. Imagine every city and town in America with three to ten times its current population, with whites being 10 percent or less of the population. That’s what Hillary wants.

You can put a human(?) face on the New America by pondering the story of African immigrant Getachew Fekede and his failure to adjust to life in a country where almost everyone was smarter than he was.

He and we would be better off if he has stayed in his homeland where he belonged.

The press, which has not published his picture, is excusing his outburst of violence. It’s claimed that he was bullied in the workplace.

Ah yes, the old bullying excuse again. If only we Americans weren’t so deplorable, so racist, so mean. we could sit with our African brothers and sing Kumbaya around the campfire every night.

ABC News

A refugee from Kenya killed one former co-worker, wounded three others and then killed himself Tuesday in a workplace shooting that authorities are still trying to unravel in Virginia, police said.

Getachew Fekede, 53, had entered the U.S. through a refugee immigration program and worked for the railcar manufacturer FreightCar America before being fired in March when he stopped showing up for work, Roanoke Police Chief Tim Jones told reporters.

A neighbor told the Associated Press that Fekede quit his job over being harassed by a co-worker. Clarence Jones said Fedeke would send money to his mother back in Kenya and had grown concerned about his finances.

Police said Fekede rode a bicycle to the facility near downtown and somehow entered its paint shop. Officers received a call of shots fired at 6:02 a.m. and arrived two minutes later. But by that time, Fekede had fired 10 rounds from a 9 mm pistol, said Jones, the police chief.

One person died at the scene, and two others suffered wounds to their “lower extremities,” the chief said. A bullet grazed a third person’s chest. Fekede then killed himself, police said.

Two people remain hospitalized. Police said they’re not yet releasing names of the victims because some family members are traveling to Roanoke from out of state.

In a statement posted on its website, Chicago-based FreightCar America said it could not provide specific information about the victims but offered its “deepest condolences.”

Jim America, vice president and chief human resources officer of the company, said in an email that its investigation of the matter is in its early stages and the company will release more details when they are available.

The police chief said Fekede entered the U.S. in 2011 through a refugee immigration program. He said the incident appears to be work-related but the possibility of terrorism will be investigated. Authorities have already checked his Roanoke apartment as part of their investigation.

“All information at this time points to Fekede acting as the sole perpetrator,” the chief said.

Police said Fekede was terminated in March after failing to show up to work three days in a row. The chief added that Fekede was known as a “hard worker” and was legally working in the United States.

Jones, Fekede’s neighbor, said Fekede complained about a man at work who would intimidate and pick on him. Jones said Fekede transferred departments but ultimately quit when the problems continued.

“He didn’t feel comfortable going to work because he didn’t know what this guy may do to him,” Jones said. “It was just like this guy just didn’t like him,” he said.

Jones added that Fekede was an ‘excellent neighbor’ who never showed any signs of violence.

Police said at least 50 people were in the building at the time of the shooting, although it’s unclear how many were in the paint room with Fekede. The police chief praised the company for its emergency response protocols that helped many escape.

The owner of a nearby bar said he was trying to open up when a police officer told him to go inside and lock the door. Donnie Janney said he didn’t realize what was going on until he turned on the TV in Chap’s Tavern and saw coverage of the shooting.

Janney said one FreightCar America worker came over for a drink after they were allowed to leave the building and looked a little “shook up.”

Janney says he gets a handful of FreightCar America workers as customers and has never seen any trouble over there before.

The company opened the Roanoke facility in 2005. It rents the property from Norfolk Southern, for which it also builds railroad cars.

The Roanoke facility and others have experienced layoffs in recent years in what is a cyclical industry depending on demand and cost. News releases and SEC filings from August said the company would eliminate 15 percent of its salaried workforce and adjust staffing levels for hourly workers.

One worker said he missed a fatal workplace shooting by one minute.

Michael Ewing told WDBJ (http://bit.ly/2eGrokN) that warnings of an active shooter came over the facility’s PA system. He and others began to hide.

“I was pretty close,” he said. “I didn’t get to see anything but I was about a minute away from it – from actually being in there.”

Unless Getachew went after his supposed tormenter, I’m suspicious of this story. Why would he kill and shoot random people at the location where his alleged bully worked.

In any case, the taxpayers dodged a bullet when he killed himself. Otherwise, we’d be on the hook for the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to incarcerate his sorry ass for life.

One more thing. There’s no word on whether he targeted whites. That’s something we may never know unless someone within the company tells us the truth of the matter.

10 thoughts on ““Refugee” from Kenya Unable to Adjust to U.S. Kills One, Wounds Three Before Suicide

      • Think he still is. I don’t like their new format so I am not a regular there like I use to be

        I am not as well informed on certain topics as I use to be. Middle aged, 4 business to run, growing family…. something has to give so no more2-3 hours of reading a day

  1. blacks are illegals everywhere they are found, save in Nubia. yellow are illegals everywhere save malay (magog-land) -sia.

    “its youtube channel” = truth of this parable is, someone breathed for it, and set it up, to pretend they were living beings, when, in fact, *”gog, magog, and that troop are *twice dead*, plucked up by the root” (“astray from the womb”).

    *gog, magog, and that troop (Ezek 38-39) are the devils (Non-Whites) which have as their only purpose John 10:10.

  2. “before being fired in March when he stopped showing up for work”.
    Typical Coon behaviour.
    Fired for not working, so he chimped out.
    Why did he not just get the free Government benefits like most freeloading reffos? In that case he would have instead chimped out on the Govt workers helping bums, which would be better for society than shooting real productive workers.

    • I’ve learned that the excuses they make are bullshit. In this case, the excuse was workplace bullying. The company will probably be sued and lose millions of dollars to the killed and wounded.

  3. Can you make out the “fake” last supper painting in the background?!? Is it supposed to be a mockery or clue to something as it isn’t the original paining and is missing/has extra data. I am somewhat religious, but not a historian….. This is the second very recent attack in Roanoke, my home State, which the liberals have been touting the Town as a success, but the downtown area has become the utter plight of despair as my wife just visited for several days, unfortunately. It’s not safe to go out at night, or for that matter most days, but it once was….

    • I noticed the Last Supper when I posted the pic but pretty much had to ignore it since it made no sense to me. You have good eyes to raise the question though.

      Everywhere there is diversity, it becomes unsafe. I’m sorry to hear that Roanoke is that fuxated now. Lots of places are.

  4. I was told the guy that picked on him was black and he ran when he saw him, also told he had gotten very paranoid and thought everybody was out to get him. I work there but didn’t know him.
    Don’t publish my name, we were told not to talk.

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