North Carolina Demands Its Bowl Back from Jewish Paypal

When North Carolina wanted no part of penises in the ladies room, Paypal wanted no part of North Carolina. NC wants their bowl back.

Excerpt from Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina has struck back at PayPal for canceling a planned expansion in the state to protest a law limiting protections for LGBT people.

The government demanded its bowl back.

The bowl, made from an oak tree struck by lightning last year on the capital grounds, was intended as a welcome gift for companies coming to North Carolina, N.C. Commerce Secretary John Skvarla told the Charlotte Observer ( ).

“We reached out to them and said, ‘Give us the bowl back.’ That is a North Carolina artifact from the North Carolina state capitol made by North Carolina artisans for companies that are coming into North Carolina,” Skvarla said.

The state made about 340 bowls from the fallen oak. Other bowls have been given to CSX, which recently announced plans to open a new intermodal terminal in Edgecombe County, and Charter, which has the largest apprenticeship program in the state.

Do the Paypal Jews even still have the bowl?


2 thoughts on “North Carolina Demands Its Bowl Back from Jewish Paypal

  1. It’s funny how that law caused a fuss nation wide but is never remarked on by regular folks

    I’m sure the college campus and yankees are upset about it but I avoid both as much as possible

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