Newt Gingrich Shows How to Argue with Aggressive Megyn Kelly (Video)

I’m going to look at the this clip from The Kelly File more than once. It offers an example of a man who won’t roll over and play dead for a feminist news analyst who has an unpleasant, obnoxious demeanor.

Megyn Kelly has lost a huge part of her audience because of her attacks on Donald Trump, and her meanness.

She’s even losing in the ratings war to Rachel Maddow. Maddow may be a mannish looking lesbian feminist, but her demeanor in making her case for whatever liberal cause she’s promoting is enjoyable to see. In a word, she’s not mean and aggressive like Kelly.

3 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Shows How to Argue with Aggressive Megyn Kelly (Video)

  1. Most journalists believe they are SS officers interviewing some schmuck with hands tied, even if they are interviewing a President or Prime Minister. Like Siegfied from Get Smart. “Ve will ask de questions”.
    Women journalists seem to be even more rude and obnoxious than male journalists. Men are genetically programmed when dealing with the same species, to fight and confront or compromise and agree or laugh and joke or even to run away. Women are not wired like this as females in nature do not need such skills, except the chin wagging part. So women go thermonuclear at the slightest provocation or confrontation.
    However, I never watch these people as I ditched my glass toilet 8 years ago. No more Jew Spew for me.
    I did watch this clip and Newt handled her very well.

    • Her style has created a lot of backlash against her. You know it’s bad when Rachel Madcow has more viewers. Rachel and Megyn are on at the same time. A year ago Kelly was the new queen of Fox News. Hopefully, she will be drummed out of the TV news business for her sins against the viewers.

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