‘I BULLY THE WEAK’ Asian Teen nicknamed Poison Ivy ‘tries to push men to SUICIDE’ by sexually humiliating them online


White men have sunk to a new level of weakness and degeneracy.

It’s not much of a news story to learn that an Asian teen female is seeking to exploit the needy, whiney beta cucks that Western society produces today. No, that’s not really newsworthy.

What is shocking is how low these fools have sunk in pursuit of approval from a girl who really isn’t all that attractive.

Those of us who are strong must seek out these weaklings and try to toughen them up as best we can. Or alternatively, maybe we should just let them kill themselves to thin our herd of weaklings.

Read the story and then say what what you think about Hanna and her lonely white male boy toys. The video shows some of the craziness online that the story only talks about, so try to watch the video too.

The Sun

A WOMAN who goes by the nickname ‘Poison Ivy’ is encouraging vulnerable men to perform sexually humiliating acts online before ‘encouraging them to commit suicide’.

Hanna, who is from New Zealand and is believed to be 17 years old, says on her Twitter profile that she seeks out “weak” men in internet chat rooms and then rips apart their self-esteem in a bid to make herself “grow stronger”.

Her bio states: “I treat all men like s*** because they are weak and they deserve it.

“I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger.”

Now, a YouTube user known only by the pseudonym ‘MarsRPG’, has created a video calling on people to report her and to help “stop the abuse” of dozens of men.

In his harrowing five minute film, which has been viewed over a quarter of a million times, he details her activities.

“She encourages guys to do disgusting acts, via webcam on a live screen, like showing their genitals, spreading their butt cheeks on camera and sticking objects up their a**,” the voiceover explains.

“While doing this they shout ‘I love you Hanna!’”

She finds “weak, socially awkward guys who have never had a girlfriend or a social life” and wins their affections.

The YouTuber believes her purpose is to “extract wealth from them through emotional blackmail” with her ultimate goal “for them to kill themselves for her as an act of love”.

In the clip, a spectacled man called Stewart films himself in his bedroom making a heartfelt declaration to Hanna.

He looks happy, smiling widely and blowing kisses at the webcam, as he expresses his love.

However, in the next scene he looks distressed as he breaks down in floods of tears at his computer screen.


The voiceover explains that he sent an innocent tweet to another girl – something that Hanna doesn’t allow – and now he has been accused of cheating on her.

Another section of the video shows Stewart, who appears to be of Asian descent, sitting at a desk.

Hanna pleads with him to shave off his hair, his beard and then his eyebrows.

He is tentative about it, saying he doesn’t have a razor and it will hurt, but she encourages him so much that he ends up doing it.

Afterwards, he asks her if she likes his new look. She remains silent for a couple of minutes before giggling and then saying no.


In a separate film, he puts his head down a toilet after being told to do so.

“She targets sad, lonely guys,” the voiceover says. “This girl will not stop until these guys kill themselves. She grooms them for months. We need to report her.”

It is not yet known if anyone has committed suicide for her, however in August Hanna posted a number of tweets that implies this is her aim.

She wrote: “Romance is very stupid and everyone always breaks up in the end, or it ends some way or other.

“And the only way to do is properly is for a couple to suicide together, because that way they will have been together forever, as they surely promised each other.”

Hanna, who appears to be of Asian descent, has over 900 followers on her Twitter account and regularly tweets both praise and criticism for her actions.


She also shares photographs of her devoted fan base, some of which are close-up selfies while others are shots of them in underwear, with her name scrawled on their foreheads.

It is not clear where in the world the men are from – they are encouraged to direct message her pictures – but they appear to be a variety of ages and nationalities.

Stewart, who goes by the Twitter name ‘Trance Music’, claims to be her real boyfriend and states he has been dating her for six months.

Metro News and other major news organizations are also covering this story and the video.

28 thoughts on “‘I BULLY THE WEAK’ Asian Teen nicknamed Poison Ivy ‘tries to push men to SUICIDE’ by sexually humiliating them online

  1. I may be alone, but I would never do this garbage. I especially wouldn’t be a race mixer. Rather be alone than do something that’s an abomination to Yahweh.This is what happens in a society that has been tearing apart White males. It’s really sad what’s happening to our people both male and female.

    • Many women want something for nothing. Mexican girls want you to spend a lot of money on them without giving you sex. They save that for their real boyfriends. This Asian wants the power that men give her. They are stupid and foolish.

    • Yahweh, Jehovah, is the god of the Jews. He is actually the devil. He appears as a fire or burning bush. You should not bother with such a base entity.

      • no, satan is the jews god. Actually, the jew is the god of the jew…along with the dollar bill. You make the common mistake of equating the jew with Biblical Israelites or Hebrews – they are NOT the same. even the jew admits this. Read the program yourself so you’ll know who the players are…

      • Jews are the Synogogue of Satan…They are the cursed seedline of the Edomites/Canaanites pretending to be from the tribe of Judah.

  2. Paladin Justice , “Rev 21:8 = all of such!!!” Any which are with, in any sense, magog (yellow critters) as this devil (doer of only evil) in those pics, are liars (j.e.w.s.—Ezek 38:21-39:16 & Rev 14:11), perverts, and others of the brood, only. Any which would “follow” such, are scum (kosher / un-clean) fruits and nuts, w/o doubt.

    Henceforth, do Not lie, by calling devils “White”, as you and other guilty parties have done, over and over again. Matt 25:41 or Matt 25:34?

    Be Ready, henceforth!!! No More chances!!!

    Imminent!!! Rev 20:12 BE READY!!!

  3. Only 4 hours after you post this, her Twitter was suspended. Good work, PJ. The machinations of the Asian female brain are proven here yet again to be incompatible with European men. Her boyfriend must be feeling cuckolded, too.

      • Interesting. I live in NZ. It’s a cucked country. Big time cucked. Auckland (the biggest city but not the capital) is FULL of gooks. It’s lousy with Indians. Not too many negroes. Well there are too many, but not that many. I only see one about twice a week maybe but it depends where you go.

        We have a new law against cyber-bullying because, you know, bullying on social media “makes people commit suicide”. And in a modern democracy suicide is regarded as bad because it confuses liberals. “Why would anyone want to leave this planetary utopia we have developed?” they whine, or would whine if it helped. But they will happily tell a racist to off themselves, because racism is like sand in the gears of progress towards utopia. Or is it jewtopia?

        So why is she not being arrested for cyber-bullying people to commit suicide? It’s because her “victims” are white males. If they were gay and she was white then she’d be in trouble. If they were gay black jews and she was a white man, “trouble” wouldn’t cover it. The media would though.

        Or maybe it’s because of the compliant nature of these guys, and the voluntary aspect to it? They go to her. She is not harassing them.

        I get it though, the idea that men are worthless brutes is drummed into every NZ schoolboy daily. It’s very insidious propaganda, and if you end up believing there is no point resisting then this is what becomes of you.

      • Great comment. Thanks for an on the ground report from New Zealand, one of my favorite countries. I looked into moving there a decade ago but if you’re white you’ll need at least $2 million in cash to invest there or they won’t let you in.

        You’re right. If a white person were doing this to nonwhites, there would be a firestorm of government action to stop it. Our governments today are our enemies.

      • What happened to my comment about her being a possible crypto-jew?
        Did it get googled somehow, or did you just not like it?

  4. If there’s a symptom out there, some one has the disease for it. Come on, white guys, you have a pair, put them to use! Your kind tamed this world, without your presence the rest will slide back into the shithole existance they had before you came along.

  5. She’s a crazy bitch. Evil dragon lady. I can’t wait until one of these young guys has one overly protective mother that gets on a plane from Britain or someplace, goes to NZ and finds her, then stomps her ass for good until she’s in a wheelchair drinking her dinner through a straw and tweeting her bullshit in a brand new Stephen Hawking tone. Can[t wait till that video is viral. And she’d deserve it 100%!! These young men are this way because of our society in the west, and part of a long plan engaged in by Coudenhove Jews making sure that the flower of European male youth lays 6 feet under fields in France and Asia, all over the place, courtesy of the many wars they were tricked into. They won’t be built up again overnight.

  6. This is pretty uncomfortable stuff. Woman have the power between their legs and they are not afraid to use it. Women can get and maintain a harem of willing males easily. A man needs serious money to do the same, build a harem of females, and why bother? It is sad that young men will do these things online and not even get sex for it.
    This girl may be Borderline Personality Disorder or she may be a Sociopath. She seems to have a sadistic streak.
    Here is an email I got recently from my real life BPD female, I pay the price for having a much younger girlfriend in Eastern Europe. Sometimes it is worth it. Mostly, not.
    ” I want to stay in the position i have now. I am sorry for my promises. I shouldn’t promise. I realize how bad am I but will not do a thing to change it in a closest time. If you are my friend try to understand and wait long. If you can not i except it. You will benefit if you stop telling me what should i do. It never worked in my life.”

    In other words, she likes being bad, will not change for anybody etc.

    A man should always have some pride. Nobody should degrade themselves for someone else. This happens little by little, the abuse starts gradually maybe over several years. Like a frog boiling slowly in the pot, it does not notice until it is too late to get out.

    • Your girlfriend sounds like what a friend of mine used to call “bad news.” He also used to say a propos of all this that when a woman says “I love you” that what she means is “I love you right at this moment. Tomorrow?” He liked to contrast shallow women’s emotions with men’s deeper emotions.

      As to the girl in this story, Asian women tend to have a mean streak. I briefly dated a Korean. Never again. Mean, mean, mean, although to her credit she did have a little white dog. I don’t know if she treated the dog well or not, though.

      • The BPD women give great sex. This entraps some men, like me! Then the bad stuff starts. Wise men walk away. Chumps stick around to see how the entertainment progresses. I have never daubed a womans name on my forehead. Those guys are wretched and seem to be masochists. ((Masoch))) was a four by two.

  7. It’s sad that some people are so screwed up that they feel they can only live in an online fantasy world. I’ve had ups and downs in life so I have some sympathy, but there’s a little devil in the back of my brain whispering “fuck ’em, the sooner they’re out of the gene pool the better!”

    • That’s your gene pool too.

      People have no idea how genes work. When Sparta attacked Athens, they lost. Why? A year before the war the Athenian generals looked at the Athenian men and saw a bunch of whining fags doing their hair 3 times a day (yes in ancient Greece at the time, and Rome, men used to visit a barber 3 times a day or more). They thought them effeminate and pathetic. But they trained them. One of the generals said it takes one year to turn any soft and pathetic blob into a soldier.

      They did and they won. The post mortem was conducted: why did an army with one year of training beat the Spartans who trained their whole lives? Its because the Spartans trained too much. The Athens men had something to protect. They had a life. The Spartans had nothing but a miserable existence of fighting day after day and they were tired of it.

      Our whole race is in trouble. The Golden one understands that.

      Sure he is magnificent, but he understands that others can be lifted. We can’t all be like him, but if your betters simply sneer at you, you won’t even try to better yourself. Americans may be fat, but they are good shooters with good guns.

      I agree Fred, some are beyond hope. Especially trannies that cut their dicks off. But still they might see the error of their ways and direct their anger and shame towards an appropriate target other than their own people.

      • Thanks James. Fair points.
        Also; The Golden One speaks truth! I will have a look at more of his vids.

  8. Actually, Im not sure this is all bad….first, it gives people some insight into the gook mind. But mainly, it takes total morons like this out of the gene pool / society. Maybe a little pruning is good for the bushes…

  9. I have a problem ?? which would I choose to do me a blow job (mind you only a blow job) The young & ugly above or the old & ugly Maddona ?? A plus for Maddona is that she can remove her denture ??

  10. Well, it’s a weeding out of the gene pool. If a whiny, pussified guy can be bullied into idiocy from afar, what good is he? he’ll only be trampled in the “rush” to defend our race.

  11. 66% of human DNA is like fruit-fly DNA, so our experts tell us.
    Therefore, 66% of women are insects; this makes sense.
    Most of the females met with are praying mantises, that’s for sure.
    And just as FREAKY looking!
    Men! Protect yourselves! When doing your duty, close your eyes and think of England!
    Then, run for your lives!

    • Wise advice. There are also some spiders where the female eats the male after mating. This proves that males will do anything to get a shag, even be devoured emotionally or physically.
      Without this self sacrifice by males, many species would disappear.

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