Petition to Fox News: Remove Megyn Kelly


You may have seen the report that Megyn Kelly’s ratings are down, but she’s trying to get her annual salary at Fox up from $15 million to $20 million.

Megyn Kelly is a news person with an agenda. Instead of reporting the news, she attempts to distort and manipulate facts to support her own agenda. Her latest victim is Donald Trump. A news source should not be trying to influence the American Voter. FOX professes to be fair and balance but Kelly loads her panels with those that support her views. This has become a typical FOX News ploy during these elections. Kelly needs to be removed from her position until she has learned the mantra “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.”

More effective: Boycott her #nevertrump show.

The clash below with Newt Gingrich shows how combative Kelly is.

14 thoughts on “ Petition to Fox News: Remove Megyn Kelly

  1. Ha! Trump congratulated Newt during the Post Office opening for his fine performance last night!

    Who will save her now? Her shoulder to cry on and other “things” are gone. Maybe, if she shows a little skin, it will be the Murdoch boys!

  2. Saboteur, I hope you don’t mind my leaving a few links here for you to consider. Let’s begin with another boycott. I personally would prefer that all White people stop paying for their own destruction by cancelling cable and abandoning all (((MSM))).


    “No matter what happens during the November presidential election, the whole process has hammered the point home that the MSM has declared war on all the “basket of deplorables,” and it well past time for us to destroy them. It won’t happen overnight, but they cannot survive with out revenue and that is where we need to hit them… hard, consistently and relentlessly.”
    “There is a reason the MSM has been referred to as the “dinosaur media,” and that is because they are becoming irrelevant, becoming extinct…. but it isn’t happening fast enough as this election cycle has proven without a doubt.

    We can all speed up the process, not just alternative media sites, but readers across the web can help as well. Every single person reading this, every single user that visits alternative news sites, every alternative news site, can do their part, by denying them traffic, hence revenue…. hitting them where it hurts, their wallets, their source of income.

    As a reader if you see headline that interests you but you see it is a MSM site, copy the headline, plug it in your search engine, find an alternative news site that is reporting it and read it there. Find a site that is quoting the original source and give them your traffic rather than the MSM website that is supplementing their revenue with their online websites.

    Like a bucket under a leaking faucet eventually fills up, each and every penny or dollar that readers take from the MSM will take them one step closer to extinction.
    Aggregation sites like the Drudge Report can do even more damage if they stopped linking to the MSM across the board.

    It was reported by Similar Web from January 2015 to July 2015, Drudge Report was the top news aggregator and the numbers are astounding as the chart below shows. Drudge referred over 62 million hits to CBS local, 45 million to CNN, 29 million to New York Times, nearly 22 million to Washington Post… that is a lot of ad revenue, all being used by the MSM to keep their businesses afloat.” [Videos, charts, and other text continue].

    • There is much more behind these “laws” than the article covers, but it’s a nice little review of the laws which jewry plans to implement to cover every person in the world. If you are a Catholic, Muslim, Methodist or an Athiest, or nothing at all, YOU AND EVERY OTHER PERSON will be expected to comply – Under penalty of death. You may also check out a search for B’nei Noach, which is only one of various-names and stealth-types of organizations who are “offering” training for the “Righteous” who are to be the spreaders of compliance with those doctrines. I imagine most of these are run by Freemasons and other jew-lovers.

      “Stop Noahide Law
      Repeal, Prevent, Educate
      Public Law 102-14 and the Jewish Noahide Laws”

      “According to the “procedure” section, Noachids (non-Jews of the world) are required to establish approved courts of justice in every city and province to judge people according to the Noahide Laws and warn them against transgression. A non-Jewish court would never judge people according to Jewish law from the Talmud, these are most definitely Jewish Talmud based Noahide courts. The section continues and further stipulations are made as to the second-class status of Noachids (non-Jews). Jews who murder other people indirectly (i.e. “starving him”) are not sentenced to death, but non-Jews are. Non-Jews are executed for stealing less than the smallest denomination of money while Jews are executed only for stealing larger amounts. Is this the kind of “justice” we are supposed to uphold in our courts? Do Jews have more rights than non-Jews?”

    • Flanders, a lot of good ideas there. I also avoid the MSM as often as I can and have no TV set. When I do a search (not using Google) I never click any paid ad, even if it is the site I am looking for. The same site will appear further down with no ad link.
      Wikipedia is an exception. “Not for profit” Jewpedia almost always appear at the top of every search I do. If I wish to use the Wikipedia article, I like the idea that they must pay my search engine for the privilege. They demand donations so that they can pay to get to the top of searches.
      Anyone donating to Wikipedia or any Jew outfit is a Chump. A schmuck.

      • I agree, Robert, and I do much the same. I felt certain that others are doing it, too, but yours is the first acknowledgement I’ve had. Every click missed and every program and commercial missed is that much at least.

        The controlled media is the worst enemy which our country has because it is the media which allow all of the other jew plunders crimes and instigated wrongs done against our people, whether it is the Federal Reserve, domestic crime, elections or whatever else, to go without receiving proper attention. It is past time that Americans controlled their own media. The vast majority of the problems now faced by Americans would end within a few months.

        Here is a link to a video which acknowledges the direction which we know that jewry plans that all of our White people, countries and cities are to go, overrun by the (((globalist’s))) imported hordes.

        “London Britain’s capital has fallen to Islam and is lost forever.”

  3. I did not see another place where these would have fit in your current postings, Saboteur, but thought you would want to know about them (one is in spam). Let me know if you would rather I not do this in the future.

  4. Half of the conservative population, those who will be staying home on election day, seem to like her hatred for Trump. Her ratings have fallen, but not nearly enough. Fox wouldn’t let her go until contract renewal, but she creates media noise that keeps Trump haters watching and also lures liberal viewers; therefore, I don’t think the Murdochs will let her go.

    We know Ms. Megyn has been created by Fox into something she’s not. Wow, what special lighting, creative makeup, hairstyles, sexy tight fitting, low cut, short dresses, blond hair color (actually has brown hair), ultra high heels can do for male viewers. She’s actually homely without all of it. Many men hate her type, but many are attracted to the idea of a tumble in bed with a powerful, beautiful, even though this beauty is created, controlling, female, who arouses their most vulnerable weakness, sex, regardless of what they say. This keeps them watching.

    At one time, she was fair and balanced until Trump came along. Anyone into astrology here? Don’t knock it until you have spent time studying it. Sun signs are accurate personality and character types. But, it involves much more than just the sun sign, the reason most people say it doesn’t work. Any Scorpios here? Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio. Behind her false public persona, she is a bitch. Scorpios hide their true character from the public. Bitch is a good descriptive word for a female Scorpio practicing the negative aspects of her sign. There are good and bad sides to every sign. Some exhibit the bad, some the good depending on the situation. Some Scorpios don’t sink into the depths of depravity that others do. Scorpios can be extremely vindictive, doing everything they can to get even. It’s the only sign that can be unbelievably hurtful to their loved ones when they think (often imagined slights) they have been crossed. Scorpios are extremely sensitive and easily hurt like Cancers, but unlike Scorpios, Cancers are loyal (patriotic, too) and wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone even when hurt by someone. They just crawl away quietly and cry. Cancer is the crying sign. Sorry, Scorpios, but you know this about yourselves. Megyn, a Scorpio, is on a personal vendetta using her powerful position at Fox news against Trump because he didn’t fall all over her like other men. Watch what she does with Newt Gingrich in the future. He’s now on her hit list.

    Trump has been analyzed astrologically by quite a few and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He is a good person. His moon in Saggitarius, the truth sign, shows he speaks the truth often to the detriment of his campaign. His ascendant, public persona, is Leo, the lion. This sign holds himself or herself proudly. It’s interesting how some of his supporters are using the lion as his symbol. Look at his hair, the mane of a lion, and Male Leos often begin losing their hair at a young age. Leos are very generous, often overly so, and kind to others. Trump has three planets in Cancer sitting on top of United States’ four planets in Cancer. One planet is Venus in the sensitive, loving, helping, patriotic sign of Cancer. Venus is the sign of love. Trump’s Venus sits on United States’ Sun in Cancer, her birthdate, July 4. A very powerful position. His Mercury in Cancer, the sign of communication is why he speaks so much about traditional, Constitutional America. Saturn in Cancer, sign of loyalty and the presidency, also sitting on United States’ planets in Cancer, additionally explains his run to save the United States. He truly loves the country and would make an excellent president.

    I stopped watching Megyn after the first GOP debate. Now, I don’t watch Fox at all except for an occasional Hannity. Fox is in the bag for the Marxists. It’s long overdue that the public boycott all MSM news outlets, but that will never happen because the country has many Whites and non-Whites who believe this garbage.

    • My sign is Cancer. I used to look at reading material on signs back in the day.
      As to women, I have never had even the slightest attraction obnoxious Megyn. Maria Bartiromo looked lovely at the Alfred Smith dinner behind Trump, laughing at his jokes. She’s my type. She has a good personality. Megyn’s personality stinks.

      • Maria is a Virgo. Intelligent and very analytical. Common sense, logic, detail oriented, neatniks. Perfectionists. Good in all kinds of service to others, particularly the medical professions and business.

        Your Sun signs would get along well together, but there’s much more to consider.

        So how did she get on Fox Business? She’s editor of global markets.

        Her astro chart shows she’s good with finances. Venus, ruler of love and also money, next to Jupiter, the expansive planet, is ruler of foreigners. The planet Uranus, the creatively brilliant planet, sits next to her Sun in Virgo.

        Those that have Mercury next to Uranus have high IQ’s. She has that aspect.
        You picked a good one, Paladin. I like her, too.

  5. Me, Me, Me-again can not get past the fact that low-class, brash Trumpus Maximus bitch-slapped her in front of 80 million people in response to what was in her mind a brilliantly conceived gotcha question. That little exchange was forever recorded. Poor grrrrl-power Me-again will never get over that. Serves her right. The only better Trumpus response would have been “Me-again, you ignorant slut!”

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