White College Girl Severely Beaten For Fun by Black Teen Mob in Philly

christina lauletta

christina lauletta face

When Barack Obama was stupidly elected with the help of votes by white liberals maybe they thought that a new era of peaceful race relations would ensue.

Race realists knew different. Blacks were empowered to be themselves by Obama.

While there are certainly many good peace loving colored folks, the urban black into the thug culture has rushed to express himself. That happens when he kills his own for “dissing” him and it happens when he plays the knockout game and forms flash mobs to express his genetic tendency toward violence.

Daily Mail

Four teenagers have been arrested after a series of flash mob style attacks around Temple University campus in which students were beaten by gangs of juveniles.

Police said that in a spate of attacks on Friday night, students were surrounded, then punched, kicked, robbed and in some cases knocked to the ground by groups of teens.

Groups of between 20 and 100 young people roved the university campus in northern Philadelphia for nearly two hours from 8pm and picked on people at random.

Six students were injured and a university police officer who was knocked to the ground. A police horse was punched in the face by a 15-year-old boy.

In a separate incident a young woman was held down and stomped repeatedly before employees from a nearby pizza place intervened, her father said.

Another junior posted pictures of her black eye. She says the attackers punched her in the face as she walked back to her apartment with her boyfriend.

Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told television station NBC 10 that the mobs of teenagers played a ‘cat-and-mouse game’ with police.


Joe Lauletta wrote on Facebook on Saturday that that his daughter Christina Lauletta was a victim of one of the groups.

His post, in which he claims she was held down and kicked and stomped until every part of her body was bruised, has been shared 4,000 times.

He wrote: ‘I find out that her and her 2 male friends where badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game.

temple-beating-4 christina lauletta

‘This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly.

‘Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene.’

‘I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised, it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones.

‘If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina Lauletta in your thoughts.’

father lauletta and daughter

The Africans who participated in the roving mob beatings in Philly (including punching a police horse in the face) will be undeterred by the probation and/or jail time given them for their crimes.

Judicial corporal punishment must be returned to America. Our ancestors administered whippings to their Africans for much less than this. They knew best. All we know is political correctness.

One more thing. The Sun reports that the mobs numbered 200. The police aren’t in very fine form when only four have been arrested. That a 2 percent arrest rate.

I’ll bet that police horse would kick the perps a**ses really good if given half a chance. Horses won’t put up with what PC infected humans will.

26 thoughts on “White College Girl Severely Beaten For Fun by Black Teen Mob in Philly

  1. At worst vigilante justice should return with the full approval of law enforcement and the courts. The father should form his own mob with bats chains, boots and any other weapon, search out these subhumans and give them a stomping that they will take into the next life

    I doubt if when/IF Obama leaves things will get any better since hildabeast will be barry Obama, but with big brass ones and on steroids.. The barn doors were blown off their hinges by bathhouse barry and the niggers are running total out of control……not they ever were controlled….send them ALL back to afrika at gun point and build a 200 foot electrified wall around that God forsaken cesspool of a continent

  2. College student is part black / mongoloid, not White. To be White, one has to 100%, and she is maybe 75%, or so.

    The obama-ation of desolation was NOT ELECTED. It got between 5 – 9% of the vote, all j.e.w.s. (black, yellow, nothing-yahu types). No Whites voted for the obamanation. Voting for obamanation makes one an eternal Rev 14:11 beast-j.e.w. only!!!

  3. So since the criminals are minors the names will be kept secret, and they get a slap on the wrist, if that! This is Obama’s legacy, setting race relations back decades. They were just beating some F the White privilege out of the Temple students. Or as the President once said, they are “expressing their legitimate grievances”!

    • Negroid mobs are not intelligent enough to know the natural great-ranges and diversities which have already existed among our White people, and they attacked the girl because they view her as being White, regardless of her own background. It is the jigaboos whose background and behaviors (TNB) we should concentrate upon here, as well as how to properly respond.

      The jewsmedia does all that it can to hide and minimize exposure to true nigger evils and they set up the background for the legal measures which prevent an appropriate response by the White American public who should be and would be incensed beyond measure, if only they knew and were aware about the overwhelming numbers, extent of injuries and base brutalities which the black race has committed, and which now has been clearly empowered by the jews to commit almost at will against us.

      • White Americans are too diverted by the “tainment” of the jews. They have not learned, and do not want to be aware about what really goes on to affect others within their own race (since that is “dirty”, “evil” and “racist”) . Pertinent facts are available to them, at least certain good amounts of the real news, but even that is subject to limited information – if they only had the true civic-mindedness to look and check for it occasionally. It could help prevent them and others, including their own families, from becoming victims if our collective White consciousness were raised


      • I agree. As far as I’m concerned I don’t care if the girl is Italian, mixed race, Jew, whatever. The black mobs thought they were getting a white girl. That’s what matters to me in this particular case. And also the weak response by law enforcement, with only four arrests.

  4. If you people are voting for democrats, then you are getting exactly the government you voted for. start carrying guns, legal or not, and when attacked by these sub-human savages, put bullet holes in them, I assure you the rest will flee like the scum-belly rats they are.

  5. I am a Vietnam Veteran. If that was my daughter, someone would be wishing they could get too MARS because they couldn’t hide anywhere on Earth from me.

  6. I live in Philadelphia and didn’t here about this on the news. But today I heard repeatedly about racist messages sent to black University of Penn students. Also this past Friday a group of unidentified teens ( black)attacked random people(white) on Chestnut st. They have to be black because their race wasn’t mentioned. The media makes so much of racist words against people of color but do nothing when it pretains to violence against whites. This situation has to be addressed or there will eventually be a very large price to pay.

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