People Do Dog Tricks for Free Candy

Mark Dice exposes the stupidity of Americans again. Recall that his videos are shot on the beach in southern California, San Diego to be more specific. Maybe folks in Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee, etc. wouldn’t do this.

If people will do dog tricks for free candy, will they sell their votes for a $20 bill? I think so.

The part of the electorate that supports Hillary is just like Pavlov’s dog, salivating over free stuff. Look at the idiots humiliate themselves for a free candy bar.

5 thoughts on “People Do Dog Tricks for Free Candy

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  2. The Jews make the gentiles do thousands of tricks every two to four weeks (or every week IF they’re lucky) for a lone and barely satisfying candy bar called Pay Day.

    Let that sink in for a while.

  3. People who pay for their own destruction via (((TV, and MSM))) in order to watch and to mimic the depravities broadcast against our White culture and race on the jew’s Electronic Synagogue, marks the general public at their most stupid. Real men and women, at least those of more intelligence, have learned better than to pay, and have learned about the methods that jew’s use to make them compliant with the jew’s planned destruction, and are swiftly learning to revolt and resist.

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