Mr. Charisma: 30 People Show Up for VP Candidate Tim Kaine Rally

Nobody wants to listen to this politically correct loser who attends a black church and speaks in Spanish at his rallies.

If Hillary Clinton darkens the White House with her presence, how long will it be before she’s dead and loser Kaine occupies the Oval Office?

There’s not really any story but the above picture was sourced from the Gateway Pundit. The pundit claims that the count includes operatives and the press.

kaine st eliz choir

4 thoughts on “Mr. Charisma: 30 People Show Up for VP Candidate Tim Kaine Rally

  1. There is hardly one young person in that choir. Even heavily Cooning up may not be enough to save Christianity. Young people, by and large, are not interested.
    Religion only works where compulsion and fear are involved. Fear of hell and social pressure to attend. That is why the muzzies are wining the numbers game, plus popping out huge numbers of new compelled Muzzie babies.
    Most Christian churches, by embracing and demanding diversity, are spitting in the face of their classic supporters, older social conservatives.
    So churches try to attract the young conehead hipsters who go to Antifas rallies and love Coons. None of these young SJWs believe in God, let alone the authority of any Church – save the Church of Marxism.
    Scraping the barrel, the churches have signs “Refugees Welcome” and fill up with Africoons.

    • There’s an evangelical base in America that does not exist in Europe as far as I can tell. These Christians believe in Israel and love Jews. An American politician who does not vow support for Israel is rare. They want that Christian vote.

    • Christianity has become a victim of its own BS doctrines and false teachings. It is high time that Christianity as has been rammed down our throats goes the way of the dodo. It has virtually nothing in common with the teachings of Christ.

  2. Already can tell that’s not a church of Yahweh. Just by seeing they allow non-whites in. The bible is a book about our people and no one else. Universalism and false Christians who worship Edomite are destroying Christianity.

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