Jewish Roseanne Barr Tweets That Hillary Will Never Stop Murdering People

barr tweet mobile

Jewish actress and comedian Roseanne Barr still commands some popularity with women. It’s clear that she won’t be voting for Hillary come election day. It appears that she spends a yuuuuuge amount of time Tweeting and that she is promoting the candidacy of Donald Trump.

More from Roseanne:

Actually, Hillary is owned by Zionist, globalist Jewish bankers, not Islamists. I wonder if the enduring presence of Huma Abedin at Hillary’s side is designed to throw us off from that fact.

Her speeches before the big bankers leaked by Wikileaks tell us pretty plainly that the bankers own her, like they’ve owned every other American president for at least 50 years.

That said, if Roseanne can throw some women’s votes toward Trump more power to her. Most of her Tweeting involves retweets of some of the most interesting anti-Hillary material on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Jewish Roseanne Barr Tweets That Hillary Will Never Stop Murdering People

  1. Hildabeast is the property of George soros and the rothchilds, as are almost all who occupy positions of power

    Hmmmm will have to see if Roseanne meets with an untimely death in the near future at the hands of the klinton crime syndicate just as Jean Rivers learned after exposing the obunholes

  2. Roseanne Barr … of all people …
    I suppose this is a case of “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” or “Any old port in a storm”.

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