Italian navy officers face prosecution over the drowning of 300 migrants

catia pelegrino

When an entire continent is being invaded and colonized by parasitical, hateful foreign rabble, the correct response would be to repel the invasion, treating it as an act of war.

Sometimes the enemy is killed in war. Other times he is taken prisoner and ultimately released.

No reasonable person would object to taking African and Middle Eastern migrants prisoner, then returning them to their homes with a stern warning about not ever returning.

The problem is that the elites in Europe have written the law such that migrants end up staying in Europe unless they drown, as is the case here.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail through

Several Italian naval officers are being investigated by prosecutors for culpable homicide as a result of their alleged failure to rescue migrants from a sinking fishing boat – an incident in which around 300 people lost their lives, including over 100 children.

Lieutenant Catia Pellegrino, the commander of the patrol vessel Libra, who has a presidential medal of honour for rescues she’s co-ordinated, is one of those suspected of mishandling the SOS situation.

The tragedy, which occurred in the Mediterranean on October 11, 2013, appears to be the result of confusion over who should come to the aid of the boat between the Italian and Maltese authorities, it’s been reported.

The Italian navy has faster vessels, but it was Malta who was handed responsibility for coming to the boat’s aid.

The fishing boat, which came from Syria and was carrying 480 people, sank about 60 miles (100km) south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is around 135 miles from Malta. However, search and rescue responsibilities fall to Malta in these waters.

A survivor of the incident, Aleppo doctor Mohanad Jammo, said he called the Italian coastguard at 11am.

Nothing happened, he told Italian magazine L’Espresso, The Times reported, so he called the coastguard again at 1pm but alleged that the person that answered the phone gave him a number for the Maltese authorities then hung up.

A Maltese rescue boat didn’t arrive until 5.51pm. At this point most of the children were dead.

Pellegrino’s Libra arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.
A spokesman for the Italian navy told The Times: ‘Anything is possible but a procedural error seems unlikely to me. These are certainly moments of anguish and worry for the officers placed under investigation and their families.’

Speaking at the time, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said: ‘This is not just another wake-up call for Europe. This is the time for action. This is a European problem, not a problem for Italy or Malta only.’

10 thoughts on “Italian navy officers face prosecution over the drowning of 300 migrants

  1. “including over 100 children.”


    Most of the boats have men over or around 18 years old. You want to tell me that almost half of a boat that failed to be rescued contained children?

    Not to mention that blaming these navy officers for the drowning when they came in shoddy boats is like blaming Toyota for the killing of a family in which the guy drove a 20 years old car with no airbags or breaks and crashed into a tree or something.

    It’s just stupid.

    • Yupp.. Children like in UK… 30 years old claiming to be twelve years old and accepted by the stupid limeys ?? Limeys said you can’t have a medical examination on them to check their real age, it would invasion of privacy & discrimination ?? Limeys as stupid as Swedes ??

  2. “Speaking at the time, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said: ‘This is not just another wake-up call for Europe. This is the time for action. This is a European problem, not a problem for Italy or Malta only.’”

    Live ammo or mine the waters – problem solved.

    • The Eye-Ties could hire the Israelites to do, to those decrepit boats, what they did to the U.S.S. Liberty; you know, bomb, strafe, napalm, and torpedo them, trying to kill every one of them, so as to leave no witnesses.

  3. What a joke. The Italian Navy should be bombing all these worthless savages coming to destroy Europe. Italy needs to put in a Strong leader against this invasion that protects its borders and Europe from these sub human creatures of Satan.

  4. Roman “empire” (as spain, port, etc) has been j.e.w.i.s.h. (just evil wicked instigators of all satanic hatred) since 33ad. Look at their faces! What do you see? Only a sea of devils, everywhere—mixed-race devils (j.e.w.s.) everywhere…”like a cloud” (Ezek 38-39 & Rev 20:10-15)!!!

    Welcome, since 33ad or so, to jew-world (“the evil world”) since Job 10:11.

  5. Malta was responsible. So Italian officers get charged. Why not charge the navy of Paraguay with failing to rescue these scum? Intentional gag, I doubt Paraguay has a navy. But French and UK navy officers could also be charged. Who will charge the Libyan and Syrian warlords that set these leaky boats off on their money grabbing voyages to welfare paradise? Who will charge the ((people smugglers))) and (((traitors))) living in Europe?

    It seems to me that search and rescue is essentially for those who are obeying the law in legal vessels, not overloaded, not trying to evade the law. It would make no sense to rescue a sinking pirate ship full of Somali killers. This is no different. These passengers and crew are criminals and should be treated s such. Rescuing criminal invaders should be a very low priority. Instead, their ships should be attacked by navies and intentionally sunk, with no rescue of survivors. This would stop the boats immediately, and also save Europe.

    It is them or us and the way things are going, “them” are winning hands down.

    All of Europe will be bumhole nations before too long. Just like Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia.

  6. I think that the defence for Lieutenant Catia Pellegrino should use the jooish defence style ??
    Which is ?? If the “migrants” wouldn’t have been on this old leaky fishing boat in the Mediterranean they wouldn’t have drown ?? So it’s the “Migrants” fault for being there ?? They have caused the drowning themselves ??

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