Calais Jungle Camp Finally Shut Down by France

Instead of depositing the trash that washed up on the shores of France in a good trash bin, the government of France is dispersing it throughout the country.

The shut down of the Calais Jungle Camp, for however long it remains shut down, will be good news for the truckers who were harassed by the violent lowlife “refugees” that populated the camp. It will also be good news for Britain since the vermin were obsessed with getting into Britain, which apparently has more generous welfare payments than France.

Ethnic Frenchmen will now get to enjoy the crime and chaos that was until now was concentrated in the Jungle Camp.

Not until Europe decides to kick out it’s new conquerors will it be truly free, safe, and prosperous.


Calais, France (CNN)As dawn broke over the “Jungle” refugee and migrant camp in France on Monday, thousands of people were being offered two choices — stay in France or go back to their country of origin — as authorities prepare to clear the patch of wasteland where thousands have made temporary homes.

French authorities have converted an old hangar in the port city of Calais into a processing center for between 6,000 and 10,000 migrants to finally begin demolishing the “Jungle” as the government has vowed to do several times this past year.

calais-jungle-camp africans

The camp is a grim mosaic of squalid tents, makeshift shelters and tumbledown caravans at the side of a motorway that has become the wretched symbol of Europe’s refugee crisis.

Migrants have flocked to Europe by the millions, many from war-torn Syria and African nations. The majority at the Jungle comes from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Sudan.

Some migrants have refused to leave the camp, which sits at one end of the Eurotunnel — a direct route to Britain that many have risked their lives trying to traverse, hiding in lorries. Some have even walked the 30 miles.

In 2015, the Eurotunnel operator intercepted 37,000 migrants attempting to travel to the UK illegally.

Britain is a preferred destination for many migrants — its economy is doing better than most of its European counterparts, unemployment rates are low and a lot of migrants have at least a basic command of English.

Sixty buses were waiting outside the center to begin moving people out, the first leaving within 45 minutes of the center opening, bound for the coastal region of Brittany.

Authorities are trying to spread the migrants out across the whole country, and each day they are given two choices of where they would like to be settled. The choices change each day in a process that is expected to take a week.

‘Change is coming’
The options given to migrants were laid out in a leaflet distributed by volunteers on Sunday evening.

“Everybody living in the Calais jungle will have to leave in order to be sheltered in one of the French reception and counseling centers,” the letter reads.


“You will receive help and the necessary information on the procedures that you will need to follow if you have applied or wish to apply for asylum,” it adds.

Late Sunday night, riot police were out in force, and some 1,250 police have been called in to prevent crowd control problems on Monday. Clashes between migrants and police erupted Saturday night at the camp.

CNN offers this update on Tuesday morning, U.S. Central time:

More than 2,000 refugees and migrants were evacuated from the camp Monday, according to France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The minister said 1,918 adults had been taken to 80 shelters across the country, and 400 children placed in temporary shelters, on the first day of the resettlement program.

15 thoughts on “Calais Jungle Camp Finally Shut Down by France

  1. “stay in France or go back to their country of origin ”
    Such tough action to say to an illegal invader.
    You can stay, or you can go.
    Do the French say this to white people caught overstaying tourist or other visas?

  2. France has been j.e.w.i.s.h. (just evil wicked instigators of all satanic hatred) since 7th (j.e.w.) beast, nap-oleon, when they stole Our Printing Machines, worldwide. Look at their faces! What do you see? Only a sea of devils, everywhere—mixed-race devils (j.e.w.s.) everywhere…”like a cloud” (Ezek 38-39 & Rev 20:10-15)!!!

  3. This is what Hitler calls a halfway measure. Shutting it down for the darkie goys was the right thing to do. Giving them somewhere else to dwell in France instead of routing them out was wrong. It cancels out all the good done when you merely tell them to “go chill off da block”.

  4. There are plenty more ready to take their place at Calais – and elsewhere!

    The data below is for Europe only. It is also for Syrian populations only. It does not account at all for the present wars being waged.

    It is not accounting, either, for later “immigrations” which are planned to become imported into the US or into other European-based nations, whether those are from Syria or elsewhere.

    According to the [UN] information given in this site:
    “Only a fraction of refugees fleeing their homes make it to Europe. The UN has registered close to five million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and North Africa. Most of them live in refugee camps close to the border.”

    Standing very tightly together, they would fit on 68 soccer fields. [********************************************************************].
    Of the “Syrian refugees [who] have [already] sought asylum in Europe between April 2011 and August 2016. They would fit on 17 soccer fields.

  5. “Some high-profile figures in (((Swedish media)))*[see remark to follow this which has more info about “Swedish” media] have called for using rat poison to exterminate Swedes who disagree with the open borders and mass Islamic immigration, comparing them to rats who need to be destroyed.”

    Swedes and Germans Told to Integrate Into Their “New Country”

    “…In Sweden, a tax-funded TV ad created by a government-backed “charity” called “Individuell Manniskohjalp” (Individual Relief), or IM, informs Swedes that their old country is never coming back.”
    “…Swedish and German taxpayers are financing advertising campaigns urging them to integrate into the new countries that the mass migration is creating. The changes are irreversible and the old way of life is not coming back, so get used to it and adapt, the natives were told.”

    • “French” media link:

      In France the Jewish organizations LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisemitisme) and CRIF(Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) representing the Jews of France, which are some of of the driving forces in the promotion of hate speech legislation, the multicult and the defamation of nationalist organizations and individuals. This in spite of the fact that it is North African muslim immigrants who are the real threat to the life and well being of Jews in France. Both organizations have close ties with the Jewish Freemason Organization B’nai B’rith (In France formerly known as U.F.A.B.B).

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