FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: Media plotting with Clinton operatives to gun down democrats and blame it on Trump


Given the material that has come out through Wikileaks and through the hidden camera investigation by James O’Keefe, it is plausible to me that Hillary Clinton and her campaign team would carry out a mass terror attack (probably on an abortion clinic populated with nonwhite women).

Trump supporters who oppose abortion would be blamed and by extension, Trump himself would be demonized for his alleged advocacy of violence against women.

The liklihood of such an insane murderous attack is increased if the election, even rigged as it is, could lead to a Trump presidency.

Someone mentioned today that Hillary has a palace waiting for her in a foreign country that would grant her asylum if she were to face the music for all her crimes.

These ruthless monsters would have no reservations about a mass killing if that’s what it takes to put them into power.

Excerpt from Natural News

Gunning down democrats to blame Trump supporters

ANALYSIS: It’s now clear that the same leftist media which has systematically rigged everything — staged debate questions, staged polls, rehearsed audience comments at CNN, deep collusion with the Clinton campaign, total censorship of Wikileaks emails, etc. — is colluding with Clinton-linked terror operatives who are going to commit acts of mass violence that will be blamed on Trump supporters.

It’s a repeat of the exact same Trump rally violence that’s been caught on video by Project Veritas (ProjectVeritasAction.com), where democrat operatives openly admit they take money from the Clinton campaign to stage and carry out acts of extreme violence so they can be blamed on Trump.

Now, I fear, they are taking that false flag operation to a whole new level. It’s now obvious to me, after talking with the Washington Post reporter, that leftists operatives are going to pretend to be Trump supporters and then open fire on crowds of Clinton supporters using automatic weapons. Leftist propaganda rags like the NYT, Boston Globe and WashPost are readying their articles to blame Trump supporters such as myself, Dave Hodges and Alex Jones, declaring us guilty of using “inflammatory rhetoric” any time we discuss the proper role of the Second Amendment in defending democracy against criminal government regimes.

This is all being orchestrated in advance… scripted like everything else coming out of the (fake) leftist media. It may even involve a staged false flag attack at an actual Clinton rally where CNN cameras will be sure to cover the bloody mayhem. The anti-Trump narrative will be unleashed within minutes, consisting of a barrage of queued stories and the universal condemnation of Donald Trump who will be accused of “signaling” his supporters to carry out the act that was actually carried out by paid terrorists working for the democrats.

These are truly evil people working for Hillary. Their gravy train will dry up and they will be imprisoned if Donald Trump is elected. Thus, desperate times call for desperate measures.

6 thoughts on “FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: Media plotting with Clinton operatives to gun down democrats and blame it on Trump

    • Actually, it would be nice for those who normally attend democratic events to continue to do so… 🙂
      Like anyone is surprised about this?!? ‘False flags’ are what the left does – witness 9/11 , Oklahoma City, Boston, the Colorado theatre etc etc etc ad nauseum.
      [[they]]] just keep poking the Bear . [[[they]]] think we are all too dumb and lazy to do anything about it. [[[they ]]] may be right…but they may also be wrong. And when ‘The Saxon begins to Hate’ ,[[[they]]] and their pets [negroes, arabs, gooks, etc] will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. One cannot change their uniform in the upcoming troubles… weapon up people.

  1. “a foreign country that would grant her asylum” would that be Israel or Saudi Arabia?

    Field Marshal Idi Amin was given asylum in Saudi Arabia. Why? Do Saudi Arabists like black mentally ill mass murderers?
    “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE”

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