Black Pastor and Wife Charged in $1.2 Million Fraud Scheme

Blacks like money and want money for the bling, baby. But they really don’t understand finance and such.

This case is a black on black fraud case, so why should a criminal justice system funded by mostly white tax dollars get involved? The pastor probably had no intent to violate the law and as we know with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, if there is no intent, there is no lawbreaking.

This case is just another example of a white culture stepping up to the plate to help Negros victimized by other Negros. We should stay out of their affairs.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – An Alexandria pastor and his wife were arrested on Sunday for their alleged involvement in a $1.2 million fraud scheme that victimized members of their congregation.

Terry Wayne Millender, 52, the senior pastor of Victorious Life Church in Alexandria, along with his wife Brenda Millender, 56, both of Alexandria, and Grenetta Wells, 55, also of Alexandria and affiliated with the church, were indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy.

The charges were released Monday after Wells was arrested, according to a press release. Terry, Brenda and Grenetta operated a company called Micro-Enterprise Management Group, a Virginia company that alleged to help poor people in developing countries by providing small, short-term loans to start or expand existing businesses by working with a network of established micro-finance institutions, according to a press release.

Terry and Brenda were founding members of MEMG, and Wells served as chief operating officer. They recruited investors by emphasizing its Christian mission and use of the funds to help the poor, promising guaranteed rates of return, assuring investors that the loans’ principal was safe and backed by the assets of MEMG, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The indictment claims some investors gave the Millenders sums totaling $40,000, $50,000, $84,000 and $400,000.

The representations were allegedly false and fraudulent. The money was allegedly used by the defendants to conduct risky trading on the foreign exchange currency market, options trading, payments toward the purchase of a $1.75 million residence for Terry and Brenda, and other personal expenses for the defendants, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said, in an effort to conceal how they had actually used the money, the defendants allegedly assured investors that they would get their money back and blamed delays in repaying investors on the 2008 financial crisis.

Outside the courthouse on Monday the pastor’s attorney said, “There was a prior investigation that went inactive as far as I was concerned or understood about a year and a half ago. And this indictment was just issued and the case is back on the government’s radar.” He continued to say, “I think that some people were motivated to get in touch with law enforcement, probably members had made some investments and wondered where they had gone.”

Terri Millender was held without bond until a hearing on Wednesday, along with Grenetta Wells, who according to the indictment, had previously been sentenced and convicted for defrauding investors in a $1,000,000 Ponzi scheme.

Victorious Life Church would meet for services on Sundays at West Potomac High School.


3 thoughts on “Black Pastor and Wife Charged in $1.2 Million Fraud Scheme

  1. “alleged involvement in a $1.2 million fraud scheme that victimized members of their congregation.”
    This alleged fraud is happening at almost every church and charity. A typical charity payout is 10% of the donor money received. 90% goes on “expenses”. That friendly collector in the street gets 30% commission, or 100% if the money goes in to a bucket without any receipt.
    Re those churches promising “abundance” to their congregation especially where the 10% tithing scheme is in place. I have noted that the cars of the hopeful donating parishioners are mostly cheap clunkers. The ministers drive Mercedes Benz and other such luxury cars.
    Catholic church, much the same, bishops and the like live in luxury.
    Most of these religions are exempt from taxes due to their do gooding, such as pushing miscegenation via mass immigration or dark skins.

    • Look up a black pastor named Creflow Dollar. He’s an excellent speaker. He’s very convincing and dynamic. What a gift of gab. He drives Rolls-Royces and lives very high on the hog. I know you don’t like to look at videos, but spend a few minutes of each one here and see how it’s done by the best.

      Among white pastors, check out Mike Murdoch. Another prosperity gospel preacher. Very interesting guy who lives high on the hog.

      • I am wary of watching charismatic crooks. They can take you in. Someone once said “Sincerity is the most important thing. Once you can fake that, you have it made”.
        I remember reading about a jew who sneaked in to a Hitler rally. The Jew found himself whopping and hollering and cheering with the rest of the crowd while Hitler was talking about getting rid of the kikes.
        Triumph Of The Will (1934) is a great movie if anyone here has not seen it. I saw it on the big screen, well worth it if you can find a screening.

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