TIME: Trump Loss Could Result in ‘A New Right-Wing Populist Party

trump captain america

A possible election loss by Donald Trump has liberals speculating that he’s not going away.

Guess what, dummies?

We the people aren’t going to let him fade away.

Nor will a partially awakened people allow the Republican party to return to Bushism and Ryanism.


From Joe Klein writing at TIME magazine:

Donald Trump will probably lose this election, which is good news. Here’s the bad news: that loss may be just the beginning of Trump’s toxic presence in American political life. Nightmare scenarios are floating through Republican circles. The best cases posit a bitter and continuing Republican civil war between the Trump and “Establishment” factions of the party. The worst cases involve a clean break, a new right-wing populist party, anchored by a Trump-Breitbart-Ailes media empire. The mud generated by this new faction, fed by WikiLeaks and the Russians, could splash across the political spectrum, creating a perpetual fever swamp of conspiracy theories and calls for special prosecutors, crippling a Hillary Clinton presidency. Goth politics may be the new normal.

So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Trump wins 50 million votes on Election Day–a losing total, and probably the low end of his expectations. Let’s also stipulate that at least half of those voters are reflexive Republicans who will hold their noses and vote for their party’s nominee. That leaves up to 25 million hardcore Trumpists as the potential market for a new network. There are reports that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is trying to find investors. Trump’s campaign orbit–a ridiculous political operation–looks far more plausible as a communications company: Steve Bannon of Breitbart, Roger Ailes and Roger Stone. Even Newt Gingrich is more plausible these days as a performer than as a politician.

Joe Klein is in the tank for Hillary. So is Time magazine.

The comments on this story at Breitbart are appalling for their shallowness. The ones I saw were focused on who gets to be on the new Trump TV news channel.

Who cares?

The real issue is how to cultivate among patriots a nationalist awareness that translates into influence in government. Who and how will they represent the founding stock of the nation? How does a country move back toward the rule of law after seeing the government disregard the Constitution so many times?

I don’t care if Judge Jeanine Pirro has her own show on the new Trump network. Talk about something important and don’t be distracted.

Judge Jeanine, Sean Hannity, and others favored by Trump supporters are great at breaking news commentary, as seen in the video below. But they still don’t get to the heart of the matter, which is a (((conspiracy))) to ruin our culture and our people.

The System is rigged, but these commentators skirt around the deepest, darkest reaches of the rigging and riggers.

6 thoughts on “TIME: Trump Loss Could Result in ‘A New Right-Wing Populist Party

  1. Listen not to jews. That fever swamp is their whole world. Delusional rats that will never see reality until a lake of fire burns their egos down to their deluded empty souls. Trump was the last chance these fuckers had, and when its gone, there shall be an end to this scum. Trust me, they have nothing. Their brown tides hate them. They are a small feckless bunch of worthless parasites. They have no followers and all their mad dreams of making these brown retards their slaves will be crushed when they finally have to face them and find their future in a cannibal’s pot. We are the Future. They are Soylent Green. Kosher Bacon will be their destiny. Satan only has one fate for his followers: an ignoble death.

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  3. IMO the scenario evolving after Hitlery get elected by cheating will be right after the result are declared ?? Obongo will declare Martial Law & full confiscation of all weapons from American citizen ?? Those who are unarmed will be left in peace for the time being, those who will surrender their weapons, will be deported with all their family to FEMA Camps (Arbeit Macht Frei) & the gas chambers ?? Real one this time ? Those who resist will be Wacoized with their whole family & maybe the whole neighbourhood ?? A repeat of the Russian judaic holocaust of Christian European on the horizon ??
    I pray that I’m wrong ??

  4. #1 Trump is a populist. He is left wing as he is right

    #2 I would like to see a true right wing party emerge regardless if Trump wins or not #2a anything based on national socialism will fail in the usa so the smart guys need to come up with something better

    In general I have certain generational political goals. I don’t give a fuck who wins any one election, the goal and the mission stay the same but tactics need to be suitable for the situation

    That’s a much better foundation then focusing on this election or that candidate

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