Why they Lie to Us and How to Determine the TRUTH

lies poster

Excerpt from Roosh V

The establishment shill lies because their trillion-dollar agendas are at stake. The scientist lies because his corporate sponsor has billions of dollars at stake. When you are given “facts” about an issue where there is an agenda or money on the line, you are almost certainly being lied to. You are being given a carefully constructed piece of information with the intention to allow the agenda to proceed or the money to flow. You must therefore either reject the “fact” or research the issue to come to the truth.

Here are just a few things where we are not getting truthful information from the establishment:

Political candidates
Food safety and nutrition (GMO and pesticide safety, etc)
Chemicals in hygiene products
Plastics and their estrogenic effects
Treatment for heart disease and cancer
Human happiness
Mental health of gays and transsexuals
Theory of evolution
Benefits of the service economy and technology
Tradition and religion
International trade
The Middle East and Russia
Black Lives Matter

Government and corporations need at least some consent from the public to push their policies, agendas, and products. Where does consent come from? Public opinion and beliefs. Where does public opinion and beliefs come from? The government and corporations, who also outright control or directly impact the universities and media. Round the wheel of human control we go.

Recently, an examination of psychological studies show that most are complete bullshit. They cannot be replicated. That’s only psychology, you may be thinking, and more important matters like medical research are more rigorous. Wrong, medical research is just as bad. If you’re taking an expensive treatment for a serious disease, chances are you’re ingesting something that is no better than just drinking cough syrup. If you consider that a successful study will mean billions in profits for a single drug, I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me that 80% of published medical research is complete bunk. There’s just too much money at stake for them to depend on honestly alone.

With every issue of significance, there are multi-layered efforts to shape your belief on the issue so you don’t resist when the final policy, agenda, or product is pushed. Since you were a child, your mind has been relentlessly hammered with lies on dozens of issues so that you go along with the charade to increase the power and wealth of select individuals who have grand plans and trillions of dollars at stake.

How we can arrive at truth

If the establishment is lying to us about everything that they have a major stake in, how can we arrive at the truth? By examining the opposite conclusion and see if it holds water. I did this with the theory of evolution and found, through my own research, that there are enough flaws in evolution to make me doubt the theory as the sole means for arriving at a new species, and that the adoption of this theory was an all-to-convenient way for the elites to destroy traditional societies that believed in God so that they can replace it with a rootless materialist society. While some parts of evolution may be true, I reject the theory as merely a useful tool to destroy tradition, and I refuse to give my consent to any policy, product, or medicine that uses it alone to arrive at its version of facts.

Once you accept that the establishment is lying to you, there will be an uncomfortable void within your mind. You crave facts and truthful knowledge, but no longer have any institution to trust. This opens the door to believing in unproved theories, some of which may be accurate but lack rigorous evidence. And this is the crisis of men today: the time and money it takes to arrive at the truth, and the lack of it in the establishment, means we will be unable to know the truth for most things. You have to merely feel gracious if you happen to arrive at ultimate truth on this topic or that, such as the true nature of women. Or you can just try asking your grandparents, for what they believed in likelier to be closer to actual truth than what we’re been brainwashed with today.

Until truth-tellers are made out to be heroes in our society instead of being persecuted and attacked like they are now, it’s safe to disregard everything they say. Every study, every white paper, every media article is propaganda, meant to get me to agree to the plans they have in store for me, you, and our fellow man. They’ve lied to me for so long that not only will I not believe them, but I will look at the opposite of what they say and see if there’s evidence to prove that instead, until one day, I hope, I can finally divorce them for good.

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