Why Jews Hate Donald Trump and His “Deplorable” Supporters

jew and his puppets

This post consists of two parts, both relating to the (((media))) effort to destroy Donald Trump and the ideas that drive his campaign.

The first part offers a short excerpt from White Nationalist Gregory Hood’s pen, titled Found Out.

The point Hood makes is that whites can only be allowed to exist if we cooperate in our own genocide. This requires that we be degraded, on our knees, and powerless.

The second part consists of a long comment that well describes the Jew’s role in our destruction.

Radix Journal

The American nation-state has been successfully deconstructed and politics today is a zero-sum game of identity politics, not a genteel debate over policy. Contra Hillary’s slogan of “Stronger Together,” every day brings more proof that European-Americans are suffering under the yoke of this poisonous occupying government which regards us as an enemy to be destroyed.

And what twisted version of morality celebrates remaining submissive to criminals? The scribblings of French and other nauseating collaborators is a desperate attempt to keep our people enslaved. Stupidity and cowardice are the most charitable explanations for such conduct.

It’s not that Donald Trump is a “White nationalist,” a fascist, or even particularly right wing. As a civic nationalist, a supporter of affirmative action, and a passionate Zionist, Trump should be well within the mainstream of Weimerican politics. And yet, he and his supporters are being attacked as existential threats to the Republic.

This tells us the System can only tolerate our continued existence when we are utterly degraded and on our knees, that we are only to be permitted to exist when the purpose of our very lives is to fuel a System pursuing our genocide. And the most privileged members of this system, rather than shrinking back, are comfortable telling us exactly who they are and what they are doing.

jews killed germans for this and that

Now read why globalism = Jewish.

Gubbler Chechenova • 16 hours ago
—–One Stephen Miller doesn’t change the reality that just about every other Jewish journalist, political figure, and media organization (on both “Left” and “Right”) has been brought to the point of frothing madness simply because a presidential candidate believes his own country should be put first.—–

In one way, Jews are the most patriotic people in America… except not to America but to Israel and Jewish Diaspora Empire, or Diaspire.

Jewish Globalists are different from white globalists. White globalists really want to surrender their identity, sovereignty, and heritage and just join the globo-club of cosmo-privilege. In contrast, Jewish elites use globalism to strengthen and consolidate Jewish Power and Control over the world. For Jews, globalism(like liberalism) is a tool for what are essentially ethnic identity and interests. After all, white globalists don’t demand that all Americans praise and worship White America, but Jewish Globalists require all gentiles to attend AIPAC Nuremberkowicz Rallies and hail Israel and Jewish People sky high.

In a way, the Jewish way makes sense from their perspective. Jews didn’t come to America as humble immigrants to assimilate with the white gentile majority. Indeed, what set Jews apart from other peoples through the ages has been their Will to cling to their own identity & history and resist total assimilation. Jews chose accommodation over assimilation. They had to accommodate to gentile surroundings since they had to do business and rise up the social ladder. But they despised gentiles as dumb, naive, earnest, brutish, and less civilized. Jewish attitude toward gentiles can be found in Polack Jokes.

So, even though many Jews did come to America as poor folks, their ultimate Will to Power was to rule over white masses.They had an imperialist mindset. Their attitude to white gentiles was akin to British attitudes to Asian Indians, Spanish attitude to native Meso-Americans, Japanese imperialist attitude to Manchurians, Prussian elites attitude to Poles(in Polish areas under Prussian occupation), and Anglo-Afrikaner attitude to the black majority in South Africa. Afrikaner power couldn’t represent black South African identity and interests since the two peoples were so different. Likewise, despite white gentile fantasies of ‘Judeo-Christian’ America, Jews never saw themselves as part of any ‘Christian’ civilization. They equated Christianity mainly with the antisemitic resistance to the Jewish Will to Power that had always sought to gain domination over white gentiles. But since Jews didn’t gain dominance by power of gunboats and bombs(except in Israel) but through power of money and media, their imperialism has been invisible. Jews are the Invisible Imperialists.

Even though Jews are indeed globalist, they are also deeply nationalist and patriotic. The problem is that their patriotism isn’t the patriotism of gentiles. Why should Jews be patriotic to white Christian/gentile America? If patriotism means love of own people and culture, then Jews should be all about Jewish identity and power. Since Jews don’t have the power of numbers in non-Jewish nations, they cannot use Jewish nationalism to defeat and dominate over white gentiles. They can use blatant nationalism to their advantage ONLY IN Israel where they are the solid majority.

But in non-Jewish nations, promoting nationalism would be counter-productive since gentiles will get the idea that gentile nationalism is a good thing(and that might resist the power of the Jews with different identity and interests). So, Jews in the West attack and suppress nationalism while surreptitiously and esoterically serving their own Jewish nationalism behind the rubric of globalism. Esoteric nationalism or eso-nationalism.

Jewish attitude in the US is similar to British policy across their once mighty empire. Brits feared Asian Indian nationalism, so they suppressed it and encouraged Indians to instead identify with the glory and might of the British globo-empire and the Queen. Don’t serve your Hindu identity and nationhood; instead, serve the empire(that brings light of civilization to all peoples) and the Queen.

Even so, the Brits were very proud to be British, and this show of nationalism got their subject peoples to wondering.. “If nationalism is good for the Brits, why is it bad for us?” So, the British empire began to fall apart when various peoples became nationalistic in their own manner.

Jews fear gentile nationalism for the same reason. Jewish globalist empire will be shaken if various peoples feel more national pride and work toward national sovereignty to free themselves from the likes of George Soros, Google Jews, and Bloomberg.

Just like Hindus wondered, “If nationalism is good for Anglos, why is it bad for us?”, we need to ask, “If nationalism is good for Zionists and Jews, why is it bad for us?” And from that question, white folks may finally wake up from the Great Hoodwinking by the venal Jews.

jew the plot thickens

21 thoughts on “Why Jews Hate Donald Trump and His “Deplorable” Supporters

  1. Seems to me jews are not so much loyal to Israel as a geographical nation with borders as they are to international jewish elites.

    Not really sure how to express the concept but it’s not like the jew shot callers give a shit about fixed locations, or the poor, middle class or semi wealthy jews. Which is why they are happy to flood France with hajjis who then attack street level jews.

    They are to alien to understand but it’s enough to know they areven hell bent on destroying me and mine

    • Right, they don’t care about the sacrifice of a few Jew lives here and there. What’s disgusting about the “street level Jews” is that they support the diversity and multiculturalism of the elite Jews. I’ve read that about 80 percent of Jews are liberals.

      • Only 80%?

        I don’t meet a lot of jews in my line of work but the few I have would be open borders neocons at best. Sure they wouldn’t go for queers marriage, don’t like negros, do like guns etc but none had core concepts Whites having ethnic group group interests or how the Founding Stock was despised etc

      • Before I retired my career was spent in IT support for corporate Finance and Marketing groups. Maybe It’s just coincidence but over 90% of the deplorable suits I had to deal with were Jews, all of the leftist lean sing and all of them staunch globalists. Also I seldom met Jews who were followers of the Torah, almost all were vocal atheists, new age occultists, and kabbalists. I found the same with Jews in academia, media (when I worked in radio) and medical

        On a more local level they were just nasty two-faced back stabbers; not just to us goyim but to each other

      • LOL truly part of thevery equation but only a part
        Land whales, divorce law, low sex/ no sex marriages, the rarity of pleasant, thin and respectful wives, technology and services that make bachelor life easier, changing nature of work that no longer leaves most men physically beat down at the end of the day…..

        That list can go on and on and on and on and…. 😉 but women are major factor in why men won’t marry

        I own a stake in a bar. Most nights, most men won’t even approach women. Women have become so unpleasant they are losing their value for sex despite men’s larger sex drive

        Which if that doesn’t say it all nothing will

      • Very well put. A man once said that they’re very simple: “keep our bellies full and our balls empty.” And the main complaint I’ve heard is that when they get married, women cut their hair, stop putting out and get fat. I don’t know what the answer is for our future.

        Sounds like you have a great bar, have a drink on me tonight;)

  2. I don’t know why the pro legalize cannabis guy is representing the Jews, considering the Jew system has kept cannabis illegal while promoting it’s use to European kids in their Hollywood trash media, legalizing cannabis would being age restrictions and hurt the profits of non White crime gangs while removing vulnerable drug addicted whites from the clutches on non White gangs, the Jew system includes the private prison system which makes money from incarcerates cannabis users.

    • Prohibition was great for alcohol sales and profits also. My opinion is that the vote was rigged. Only fools vote to have more crime and corruption. Surely not +50% of voters in the 1920s were fools?
      USA has been corrupt ever since and the War On Drugs is actually a war for illegal drugs and big profits.
      Banning tobacco would increase sales and put the price up by maybe ten times.

    • Weed is more mind expansive. It is a cross community drug. It makes people like food and drink and it is relaxing with no physiological side effects for Europeans. No one fights or kills people when stoned. THAT is why it is illegal.

      Heroin is easier to get than weed

      • Also anyone can grow their own weed which makes it potentially free. Drugs like heroin and meths needs labs to create, equals big profits. In Australia it is also illegal to grow your own tobacco, because the Govt loses tax money. Home grown tobacco is safer than commercial tobacco with added chemicals.
        Paradoxically it is legal to make home made wine and beer in Australia, so that weakens the tax argument about tobacco. Maybe the tobacco lobby is more powerful than the alcohol lobby.
        There is now a huge import racket involving cheap tobacco from Thailand and such places due to the huge taxes in Australia. 20 cigarettes costs more than US $10 a packet. The smuggled poor quality stuff is about half the price. no tax at all is paid.

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