Trump Brutally Roasts Hillary at Catholic Dinner (Video)

With only a Catholic Archbishop sitting between them at the speaker’s table, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are seen in this video about as close to each other as they’re going to ever get.

Trump delivers some funny lines, but some of them are so true that the crowd began booing him. However, he doesn’t hold back.

The lady in red sitting in back of the Don has drawn a great deal of positive male attention. That’s Maria Bartiromo, formerly CNBC’s “Money Honey,” now with Fox Business News, I believe.

Youtube title:

Trump Goes Ape S*** On Hillary At Religious Dinner! WOW! Unbelievable!

Published on Oct 20, 2016

Trump hates Hillary so much that he can’t even pull back at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner! Never seen anything like this! Look at the faces of the people around him, including Maria in the background. They are stunned!!! Brutal!! And where is Bill Clinton! Have no idea who would have written that for Trump, but it was brutal and REALLY funny!!!

This strongly upvoted performance by Donald Trump has drawn mostly positive comments on youtube:

That awkward moment you’re sitting next to a Catholic Cardinal and you’re called out for hating Catholics 12:20

Hillary prefers that Catholics and Baptist ( and churches like them) do away with their Bibles and 2000 years of Church Doctrine . They are not politically expedient and prevent her from exercising political control over every aspect of our lives. Hillary came of age at a time when men didn’t want to clutter their lives with absolute values that anchor the civil society. She treats the Bible and the Constitution with equal contempt. She seems spiritual enough…she keeps the Bible on the exact same shelf she keeps the Constitution.

Keep in mind what Trump is doing takes enormous courage and sacrifice. He’s doing what he believes needs to be done to save America, and to hell with his popularity and status amongst the in crowd. Average Americans need to rally behind this true patriot.

aww did he hurt the crowd with the truth?? they sounded triggered and in desperate need of a safe space and some msm propaganda to sooth their collective hurt butts!

5 thoughts on “Trump Brutally Roasts Hillary at Catholic Dinner (Video)

  1. Hadn’t listened to this before. Excellent! It took a lot of nerve for Trump to say what he did there. Wow! More recently during his rallies, I hear him say things I didn’t think he’d ever say. He’s opened the box…letting it all out.

    Maria is with Fox Business. I think she has a Sunday program on Fox News, as well. She was a debate moderator, I think better than all of them.

    On another note, does anyone remember former FBI Director NYC, Frank Kallstrom? He knows what’s going on too!

    Former FBI Asst Director James Kallstrom endorses Donald Trump"Our country is going down the tubes"Listen to what he says:— Pamela Moore (@Pamela_Moore13) October 22, 2016


  2. Here’s something else interesting for those still sitting on the fence. Home Depot co-founder (((Bernie Marcus))) says,

    “All of the Republicans out there, I say the same thing… [If you’re] going to stay neutral, you might as well vote for [Hillary Clinton] because your lack of vote for Donald means she’s going to get elected anyway,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

    “When I listen to Hillary Clinton and I listen to the [economists] who never in their life ever hired a human being or trained a human being, I say, I don’t know the world that they belong in. I know that when you have high taxes that you kill off jobs. Killing off jobs means hurting America. It means hurting the economic wealth of America – and that’s not good for anybody,” he said.

    Surprise, surprise, (((someone))) voting for Trump!

  3. Very funny. Brilliant speech. If Trump loses he has a great future in stand up comedy. He wisely pulled a punch or two but he went for the hard yards, carrying the ball straight up the middle. He bearded the lion inside its own den.
    He said Hillary will appoint him ambassador to Iraq or Afghanistan, his choice. It is good he did not say Libya, that would have been too much for these liberal Jew Yorkers.

    Maria Bartiromo has not aged at all in 15 years, due to the miracle of makeup and facelifts. She was front and center during 911 live TV and I saw it live at the time on CNBC. She and the others were calm and composed, as though this was happening in another country, not the same city a few blocks from where they were working. I am not praising this, I preferred “Oh, the humanity” from the very upset journalist back in the 1930s when the Hindenburg crashed. On CNBC none of them showed any personal upset or shock at the death of 3000 Americans close to where they sat. Instead they all knew reporting this historic occasion would be good for boosting their careers. I do not think any of them knew in advance, they did not need to know so would not have been told. Did the “dancing Israelis” tip off any friends in journalism or stock market investors. Probably yes.
    Journalists uch as Maria could report on the massacre of their own family without any emotion.

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